ELP Assessment Update July 2019

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ELP Assessment Update July 2019

ELPA21 Screener

ELPA21 Screener Opening

The ELPA21 Screener will be available beginning August 5th. Test administrators will notice some small changes to TA-directed questions during Step 1 of the screener, but overall the test content has not changed for the new school year.


Test administrator training is available for the ELAP21 screener through Moodle (https://moodle1.ospi.k12.wa.us/course/view.php?id=89, ). The training is similar to the previous school year’s training requirements and consists of a 30 minute recorded webinar, a quiz, and a registration. Please ensure that test administrators in your district complete all three steps.

Beginning on August 1 a list of test administrators who have completed all three steps of the training will be available in WAMS.

Screener Scores

Scores for students whose screener ends after Step 2 will appear in ORS within hours. As a reminder, all students whose tests end after Step 2 will be eligible for ELD services. For students whose screener tests end after Step 3, scores will be available in ORS within 7 days. 

Scale Scores for CEDARS (unchanged from last year)

A scale score on the screener (placement test) is required for CEDARS reporting. Since a scale score is not provided nor applicable for the ELPA21 screener, domain scores should be used for the scale score in CEDARS reporting.

Each of the four domains receives a score between 1 and 5. Report these domain scores as the “scale score” in your SIS in this order: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing. Here is an example:

A student scores the following:

  • Listening = 3
  • Reading = 3
  • Speaking = 2
  • Writing = 1

Scale Score for CEDARS reporting = 3321

Out of State ELPA21 Scores (unchanged from last year)

Students who are coming to Washington with ELPA21 scores from another state may be exempted from completing a new screener. Students will need to have a score report showing ELPA21 scores in order to use the scores for placement.

If a student tested out of services on the ELPA21 at any time, then the student does not need to rescreen. Such a student would not be eligible for ELD services. The score report showing that the student tested “Proficient” is sufficient to deem the student ineligible for service.

If a student presents test scores from within the previous 12 months, screener or annual, then the scores can be used to place the student in services. Districts do not need to rescreen these students. However, their scores will need to be added to CEDARS.

How to input out-of-state scores in CEDARS?

 J18: Placement test code: 7

J19: Date and Grade level: The date and grade level at time of testing (see out of state score report)

J20: Scale Score: Each of the four domains receives a score between 1 and 5.  Report these domain scores as the “scale score” into your SIS in this order: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing.  An example is provided in the Scale Scores for CEDARS section

J21: Level: Options: Proficiency not Demonstrated (0), Emerging (1), Progressing (2), Proficient (3).

Requesting Paper-Pencil and Braille Version Screeners

The ELPA21 Screener paper-pencil and Braille versions will available through OSPI. Only students whose disabilities require paper-pencil or Braille testing will be eligible to use these versions. Please request paper-pencil and Braille version screeners through the ELPA21@k12.wa.us email. These screener versions will be shipped directly to the district assessment coordinator.