OSPI NEWS RELEASE: Washington State High School Artists Honored

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Washington State High School Artists Honored

Superintendent Reykdal announces annual Art Show winners

Milk n' Honey

OLYMPIA — May 17, 2019 — Today, high school students from across the state visited the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to be honored for their artwork as part of the 46th Annual Superintendent’s High School Art Show.

The show, co-sponsored by OSPI and the Washington Art Education Association (WAEA), celebrated the work of high school artists from around the state. The show is the culmination of a statewide competition with regional winners from each educational service district (ESD) represented.

“Congratulations to all of the artists,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal. “Their incredible work reminds us of the power of the arts and art education. The arts provide our students with keys to understanding the world around them, and strategies for learning, interpreting, and expressing their thoughts.”

Nine individuals and organizations have chosen state winners and honorable mention recipients:

  • Superintendent Chris Reykdal
  • Governor Jay Inslee
  • OSPI staff
  • WAEA
  • State Board of Education (SBE)
  • Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB)
  • Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA)
  • Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA)
  • Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP)

These groups will pay each artist $200 to purchase their award-winning artwork for their permanent collections. Six Judges’ Choice Awards were also selected by a panel of 18 judges. The artists who win these awards will also receive $200 each, and their artwork will be part of OSPI’s permanent collection.

Art Show Award Recipients

  • Cassidy M. Russell “Milk n’ Honey” (pictured above) | Superintendent’s Award
     North Kitsap High School (Teacher: Caro Wilding), ESD 114
  • Soma Andrews, “Purification” | Judges’ Choice Award
     Friday Harbor High School (Teacher: Andrew Anderson), ESD 189
  • Jessica Zhekova, “The Two Sides” | WASA Award
     Henrietta Lacks High School (Teacher: Lee Emmert), ESD 112
  • Lucas Samuel Chevalier, “Raging Bull” | Judges’ Choice Award
     Friday Harbor High School (Teacher: Andrew Anderson), ESD 189
  • Yesenia Moncada, “The Onlooker” | Governor’s Choice Award
     Chiawana High School (Teacher: Kenneth Merrick), ESD 123
  • Seung Hong, “Fishbones” | WSSDA Award
     Decatur High School (Teacher: Kristina Smethers), ESD 121
  • Cherie Ramona Miller, “Guatemalan Family” | Judges’ Choice Award
     Oak Harbor High School (Teacher: Kit Christopherson), ESD 189
  • Kylie Jean Brown, “Lamia’s Pierre” | PESB Award
     Ridgefield High School (Teacher: Tamara Hoodenpyl), ESD 112
  • Madison Olivia Sternod, “Owen” | Judges’ Choice Award
     Clover Park High School (Teacher: Frank Casey), ESD 121
  • Brittney Denise Wehmeyer, “Ripple of Color” | AWSP Award
     Federal Way High School (Teacher: Kelli Bell), ESD 121
  • Yihang Chen “Self Portrait” | Judges’ Choice Award
     Olympia High School (Teacher: Joshua Everson), ESD 113
  • Mackenzie Elaine Weiland, “Hiding in the Garden” | OSPI Staff Award
     Mt. Spokane High School (Teacher: Nicollette Banger), ESD 101
  • Peyton Nicole Dunn, “Natural Formation” | Judges’ Choice Award
     Hanford High School (Teacher: Kelley Muntean), ESD 123
  • Destiny Marie Jones, “Benjamin” | SBE Award
     Grandview High School (Teacher: Kimberley Hall), ESD 105
  • April Huang, “Country of Hope” | WAEA Tribute Award*
     Skyline High School (Teacher: Ruth Appleby), ESD 121

Art Show Honorable Mention Award Recipients

  • Grace Marie Arnold, “Final Judgement” | Honorable Mention Award
     Ridgefield High School (Teacher: Tamara Hoodenpyl), ESD 112
  • Rasti Konkol, “Singing in the Rain” | Honorable Mention Award
     Eisenhower High School (Teacher: Lance Johnson), ESD 105
  • Grace Dawn Thompson, “Gus” | Honorable Mention Award
     Mt. Spokane High School (Teacher: Angelika Wilson-Wipp), ESD 101
  • Loralai Marie Snyder, “Primroses and Lilies” | Honorable Mention Award
     Oak Harbor High School (Teacher: Kit Christopherson), ESD 189
  • Anahi A Castillo-Leavitt, “YUM” | Honorable Mention Award
     Okanogan High School (Teacher: Dan Brown), ESD 171
  • Catherine Dalma Ashby, “Good Luck” | Honorable Mention Award
     Shorecrest High School (Teacher: Laura King), ESD 121

* Every year, the WAEA chooses their winning piece to honor their “Tribute Award” winner. This award is given to outstanding arts educators, arts advocates, and businesses nominated by the WAEA membership. This year’s Tribute Award winner is Lisa Crubaugh, art teacher from the Bellevue School District.

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