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Health and Physical Education Supports

Student Learning Across Content Areas

January 2019

Knowledge is rarely silo-ed in the “real” world.  How do we help students make connections across content areas, and solve problems using knowledge from all relevant subject areas?  Learning and Teaching is interested in engaging districts in conversations about standards-based classroom approaches to content integration and the systems that support them.

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January Editor:

Ken Turner, Ed.D. and EMT

Program Supervisor for Health and Physical Education

Ken enjoys long bike rides and hikes across international boundaries, as well as promoting more physical activity and wellness throughout all content areas.  Reach out to Ken for any help adding activity and wellness to your schools and district.


Cross Content Ideas to Share: 



BattleGround SD fuses PE with Special Education for striking results in Unified Physical Education



Tahoma High School Integrates Physical Education With Science & Literature in the Great Outdoors. Check out No Child Left Inside Grant



Students and Staff need more Physical Activity; guidelines updated


tiny trees

Pre-K- Tiny Trees outdoor preschool cross-content instruction in local parks.


Professional Development Calendar

Mental Health and High School Curriculum PD in Spokane 1/25 , Bremerton 2/5, and Yakima 3/5

Physical Education Workshop Seattle 2/2 and Spokane 2/23

Health Education Workshop Ellensburg 4/27







Watch this short video of a Cheney School district Physical Education class, what CCSS Math outcomes do you see in this class? Here is the lesson plan example.

(Dustin Lungo is a National Board Certified Physical Educator from Cheney School District; video by Stephanie Liden)



StoryWalk displays books for a learning walk for your students, interweaving both ELA and PE.   This can be set-up in any space outside, adjacent to your school. StoryWalk is aligned to the following standards:

Physical Education Standards Demonstrate working with others in partner environments. PE4.4.2a

Describe reasons for enjoying physical activity. PE5.2.2

ELA Common Core Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text. CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.2.1

RESEARCH: Increased Physical Activity Supports Reading Level Scores

Researchers found that students from lower incomes with at least 225 Physical Activity minutes per week (recess + Physical Education) had higher reading performance.

PA reading graph
spanish PE poster


SHAPE America created Physical Education Standards posters in 'kid speak'; print out poster-sized versions for your schools:   

- Spanish elementary 

- Spanish secondary

- English elementary

English secondary





We want to hear from you!

We will be shining a light on content integration, leading with different subject areas.  Help us find excellent examples of content integration occurring in your classrooms and buildings to showcase. What are teachers doing in classrooms to integrate content?  What building or district systems (e.g., PLCs, common planning times, classroom proximity, funding streams, etc.) encourage teachers to integrate content?  What do you need from the state to support your work?  Email Kathe Taylor with practices and ideas you would like to share.