PESB News of Note - September 2017

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Regular Board Meetings

Professional Educator Standards Board

September 21-22, 2017

The September meeting will be held at the Davenport Grand Hotel in Spokane. 

Find meeting information at PESB's Next and Future Meetings

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PESB News of Note

for September 2017

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2017 Legislature Creates Paraeducator Board

    If you can answer these questions, you may have visited the new Paraeducator Board section of the PESB website or closely followed the recently concluded WA legislative session. 

    You can follow Paraeducator Board meetings beginning this month. Find their schedule on the Paraeducator Board website. The Paraeducator Board will typically schedule its meetings just prior to the regular PESB meetings. This provides the boards the option of joint meetings, when needed. Their first joint meeting will be held September 21. See the sidebar for more information and links to materials.

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    PESB Reports On...

    Recruiting, Selecting, and Retaining Teachers: A Review of the Literature - Prepared for PESB by Scontrino Powell Inc.

    As school districts face an increased demand for and a decreased supply of teachers (referred to as the "teacher shortage"), PESB has taken a leadership role in identifying evidence-based best practices to recruit, select, and retain new teachers. 

    This report "provides a comprehensive review of scientific literature" in the areas of teacher recruitment, teacher selection, and teacher retention. PESB continues its leadership by engaging district administrators and ESD representatives with report authors Scontrino Powell to create and deliver human resources training tailored to the needs of Washington school districts. 

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    Research of Note

    Understanding Principal Retention and Mobility in Washington State prepared for OSPI by UW COE Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy.

    The authors state, "This study aims to provide insight into the demographics of principals and assistant principals, their retention, mobility, and career patterns, and the equity issues associated with differences across schools in Washington state." (Executive Summary - page iii). 

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