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February 26, 2018

I want to hear from you!


I am introducing legislation to address student safety in our state. This Wednesday, I will be holding a news conference with stakeholders to discuss the Student Safety and Protection Act. It is a simple concept that will make our students safer, tomorrow!

My legislation is not a mandate to arm teachers. It simply gives grant funding to school districts that choose to participate. They can send any interested staff to be trained to respond to an active shooter threat. The training could include de-escalation, firearms training, and psychological evaluation. Again, this is completely voluntary, but when seconds matter, having an armed and trained staff on campus can make all the difference. 

I am proposing that we provide funding to the Criminal Justice Training Commission, the organization that trains our police, to develop a voluntary program to train teachers and administrators to protect our students. There are already schools in Washington that are doing this at their own expense. 

We protect our banks, politicians and celebrities with guns, but we put up a "gun free zone" sign on school grounds to “protect” our students. That is unacceptable.

I want to hear from you. If you are a teacher, administrator or school staff, or know someone who is, please have them call my office at (360) 786-7660. Leave me a voice mail or send me an audio file with your thoughts. You can remain anonymous if you'd like, but I'd like to share these with the media at our news conference. 


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