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Added to Public Hearing:  HB 1742.
Added to Executive Session:  HB 1561, HB 1670, HB 1453, HB 1573, and HB 1611.
Finance - 2/21/2023 8:00 AM

House Full Committee
House Hearing Rm A and Virtual
John L. O'Brien Building
Olympia, WA

REVISED ON 2/16/2023 AT 5:19 PM

Public Hearing:
1.   HB 1711 - Providing a sales and use tax exemption related to internet and telecommunications infrastructure projects involving a federally recognized Indian tribe. (Remote Testimony Available).
2.   HB 1628 - Increasing the supply of affordable housing by modifying the state and local real estate excise tax. (Remote Testimony Available).
3.   HB 1815 - Creating a business and occupation tax deduction and increasing the tax rate for persons conducting payment card processing activities. (Remote Testimony Available).
4.   HB 1812 - Continuing the business and occupation tax deduction for federal funds received from a medicaid transformation or demonstration project or medicaid quality improvement program or standard. (Remote Testimony Available).
5.   HB 1764 - Establishing a method of valuing asphalt and aggregate used in public road construction for purposes of taxation. (Remote Testimony Available).
6.   HB 1611 - Concerning local government permitting. (Remote Testimony Available).
7.   HB 1742 - Concerning nontax statutes administered by the department of revenue. (Remote Testimony Available).

Executive Session:
1.   HB 1254 - Clarifying ambiguities in statutory provisions administered by the department of revenue relating to periodic adjustments.
2.   HB 1510 - Establishing permanent funding for community preservation and development authorities approved through RCW 43.167.060.
3.   SHB 1425 - Facilitating municipal annexations.
4.   HB 1585 - Addressing local infrastructure project areas.
5.   HB 1575 - Modifying the sales and use tax for cultural access programs by allowing the tax to be imposed by a councilmanic or commission authority and defining timelines and priorities for action.
6.   HB 1355 - Updating property tax exemptions for service-connected disabled veterans and senior citizens.
7.   HB 1561 - Increasing the public utility tax exemption threshold and annually adjusting the threshold for inflation.
8.   HB 1670 - Raising the limit factor for property taxes.
9.   HB 1453 - Providing a tax exemption for medical cannabis patients.
10.   HB 1573 - Extending tax preferences for dairy, fruit and vegetable, and seafood processors.
11.   HB 1611 - Concerning local government permitting.

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