Rules Meeting 3-06-2020

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Attached are the results from the Senate Rules Meeting on Friday, 3/6.
Members had the following pulls:

Package Pulls:

  • 1 floor package

The WHITE SHEET is a list of measures (bills, resolutions, memorials) referred to Rules with the adoption of the Standing Committee report each day. The White Sheet, so named because it is traditionally printed on white paper, contains the bill numbers, titles, sponsor(s), and committee recommendations. Under the Committee Inf. column, appears the standing committee acronym (e.g., HLTC = Health & Long Term Care). Just after the acronym is the committee recommendation (e.g., DP7 = Do Pass with 7 signatures) and occasionally a minority report recommendation (e.g., DNP2 = Do Not Pass with 2 signatures). The House's equivalent to the White Sheet is called the Review Calendar.


The GREEN SHEET is a list of measures which members of the Rules committee have 'pulled' one step closer to the 2nd & 3rd Reading (floor) calendar. The Green Sheet, so named because it is traditionally printed on green paper has an identical format to the White Sheet with the same columns, acronyms and standing committee recommendations. The House equivalent of this report is called the Consideration Calendar.

The FLASH CALENDAR is a list of measures approved by the Rules committee to be placed on the 2nd & 3rd Reading Calendar. These measures are usually 'pulled' from the Green Sheet but occasionally are moved directly from the White Sheet to the floor calendar. If bills are moved to the floor calendar during a Rules meeting, a Flash Calendar is distributed shortly thereafter. The measures on the Flash Calendar are added to any remaining items on the floor calendar and a new or supplemental 2nd & 3rd Reading Calendar is created.

As a general rule, measures move from the standing committees to the White Sheet, from the White Sheet to the Green Sheet, and finally from the Green Sheet to the 2nd & 3rd Reading (floor) Calendar. While many measures make it to the floor calendar, some never leave the Rules committee and remain on the White or Green sheets. If you have any questions please refer to the 'Participating in the Process' portion of the LegInfo website or contact the Secretary of the Senate's office at (360) 786-7550.