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Added to Public Hearing: SSB 5717 and SB 6173.
Removed from Public Hearing: SB 6332 - Concerning the potency of marijuana products.
Labor & Commerce - 2/3/2020 10:00 AM

Senate Full Committee
Senate Hearing Rm 1
J.A. Cherberg Building
Olympia, WA

REVISED ON 1/31/2020 AT 3:16 PM

Public Hearing:
1.   SSB 5717 - Concerning employer and employee scheduling.
2.   SB 6095 - Excluding the common carrier licensees from the definition of retailer for the purposes of the three-tier system. (Hearing is on the Proposed Substitute.)
3.   SB 6392 - Creating a local wine industry association license.
4.   SB 6333 - Reducing youth access to products intended for consumption only by adults age twenty-one and over.
5.   SB 6206 - Creating a certificate of compliance for marijuana business premises that meet the statutory qualifications at the time of application.
6.   SB 6531 - Concerning the performance of personal services by a craft distillery, distiller, spirits certificate of approval holder, or distributor.
7.   SB 6341 - Requiring the liquor and cannabis board to provide written interpretations of liquor statutes and rules.
8.   SB 6173 - Regarding the sale of beer for off-premises consumption.

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