Topics and Trends Summer 2023 Cannabis Newsletter now live on Medium

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July 21, 2023

The LCB's quarterly newsletter, Topics and Trends, is now live with the summer 2023 cannabis edition on Medium. We hope you enjoy the content and find the information useful. This issue of Topics and Trends features the following stories:

  • Will Lukela begins his LCB Tenure as Director
  • Senate Bill 5080 Provides Upcoming Opportunities for Cannabis Social Equity
  • New LCB Video: Moving Forward to Expand Washington’s Cannabis Social Equity Program
  • Cannabis Applications
  • Preventing Overdose Deaths
  • New LCB Web Portal Launches: More Changes Coming in Early 2024
  • Legislative Fact Sheets Available on the LCB Website
  • Understanding Prohibited Practices Between Producers/Processors and Retail Licensees in the Cannabis Industry
  • Cannabis Retail Forfeiture
  • Cannabis Related Rulemaking Activity
  • Lockbox Launch – New Address for Mailed Payments
  • Wrap Up of Isolated DDE Contamination in North Central WA
  • Cannabis Closed Loop Extraction Equipment
  • Share your thoughts on Topics and Trends!

If you have feedback on topics you’d like to see in coming editions, please email LCB communications staff at or fill out our feedback survey with comments or suggestions.