LCB Board Actions - Alcohol and Cannabis: Class 13 MAST Permit Privilege Review Preproposal Statement of Inquiry (CR 101) Filed and CR 101 Concerning Cannabis Plant Canopy Withdrawn

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March 15, 2023

On Mar. 15, 2023, during a regularly scheduled meeting, the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) took the following actions:

Alcohol-related rulemaking:

The Board approved a Preproposal Statement of Inquiry (CR 101) to consider amending WAC 314-17-015 and repealing, amending and creating rule sections in Title 314 WAC, or both as necessary to allow Class 13 MAST permit holders, in areas not restricted to minors, to open and pour beer and wine from bottles or cans away from the table.

Cannabis-related rulemaking:

The Board approved withdrawal of a Preproposal Statement of Inquiry (CR 101) related to creating new and amending or repealing rules regarding cannabis plant canopy.

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