CCRS Updates: Issues Identified – User Action Required

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January 10, 2023

CCRS Updates: Issues Identified – User Action Required

The limited issues with the newest version of CCRS have been identified – most can be accommodated by small changes in user submissions.

  • Manifests: Manifest are being processed and a PDF delivered to the submitter as intended.
    • Users can submit the new Manifest.CSV files. The contingency Manifest is still available for use if Manifest PDFs are not received within an hour of submittal of the Manifest.CSV
    • If you submitted a Manifest.CSV on Jan. 9 and did not receive a confirmation, please resubmit.
    • If you submitted a contingency manifest on Jan. 9 or 10, you must ensure that a Manifest.CSV with exactly matching product is uploaded, per the contingency instructions.
  • New Data: Only submit data that has not already been uploaded to CCRS. It is not necessary to include data that was already submitted unless it is being updated (using the update or delete operation, not insert).
  • User Errors: Several large files containing multiple errors have created processing slowdowns. If you have questions about creating these files, or other questions about using CCRS, please review the User Guide. If you receive user error messages that you do not understand, please contact
    • Large files that cause system stoppage may be quarantined and asked to be resubmit in corrected format.

Future system announcements and updates will be sent directly to system users and will be posted to the CCRS webpage.


As issues arise, we’re working to solve them as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience as we continue to look for performance improvement opportunities.

We are excited about the coming changes and want to make sure that CCRS system users have a positive experience with the new files and processes.