Accurate Reporting of Sales and Taxes in CCRS 

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July 27, 2022

To:               Cannabis Retail Industry Members

From:           Cannabis Examiners, Enforcement and Education Division

Subject:      Accurate Reporting of Sales and Taxes in CCRS 

A review of sales reports submitted via CCRS indicate clarity is needed to ensure information is properly reported to CCRS. The following provides clarity on reporting weekly retail sales to CCRS.

Taxes: The taxes reported on the Sales .csv are the sales tax and the other(excise) tax. Currently these taxes are not being reported separately and appear to be being reported as just sales tax, with an incorrect amount not representative of the taxes being collected.

The correct reporting requirements are the following:

  • Sales Tax: is reported in Column J(SalesTax) on the Sales .csv. Department of Revenue sales tax is due from the consumer on every recreational retail sale.
  • Excise Tax: is reported in Column K(OtherTax) on the Sales .csv. This column should not be left blank. This tax is paid by consumer on all cannabis retail sales.

Numeric Entry: Unit Price, Discount, Sales Tax and Other Tax are all decimal type entries. Currently entries in these columns are in whole numbers for a majority of reports. As a licensee responsible for the reporting requirements, accurate reporting is required. Please make sure that prices and taxes are being entered correctly. Please see the example below that uses a sales tax rate of 9.1%:

Incorrect Reporting: 

UnitPrice Discount SalesTax OtherTax
200 0 257 0
200 0 257 0
275 -90 260 0
299 0 321 0
200 -70 202 0
200 -140 180 0

Correct Reporting:                                    

UnitPrice Discount SalesTax OtherTax
20 0 1.82 7.4
20 0 1.82 7.4
27.5 9 1.68 6.85
29.9 0 2.72 11.06
20 7 1.18 4.81
20 14 0.55 2.22


Please review your submitted records and make the necessary changes to ensure accurate reporting going forward.

Prior submitted reports can be corrected using Operation: "Update"

For assistance or questions, please contact the following individuals: