Leaf Decommission and CCRS Expectations

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December 3, 2021

Good morning!

LCB is providing the following updates and reminder on the upcoming timeline and expectations for Leaf’s decommission and the transition to the new Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS).

CCRS is on schedule to launch on Monday, Dec. 6, 2021. Beginning Dec. 6, all licensees will be expected to begin reporting through CCRS. Reporting in Leaf data systems will not meet the reporting requirement for licensees beginning Dec. 6.

Leaf will remain available until Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021, to allow licensees to review data or correct any final data before it is decommissioned. However, reporting in Leaf after the scheduled launch date of CCRS on Dec. 6 will not meet the reporting requirement.

Leaf will be shut off and no longer available to licensees after 8 a.m. on Dec. 18. Please ensure any final data remediation is completed in Leaf before this date.

After Dec. 18, licensees will need to submit a Public Records Request to access historical data from Leaf.

The detail needed for CCRS reporting can be found at:

CCRS Resources | Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

Known CCRS Bug

In recent CCRS testing, a bug was discovered that will return an error message for any file names containing commas or quotations. Licensees and integrators should avoid using commas and quotations in their filenames. If files are submitted with these characters present, a data fix may be necessary. A Change Request will be drafted and presented to the Steering Committee for discussion and decision for inclusion in a future release.

For Questions and Assistance Prior to Dec. 6 Go Live:


For Questions and Assistance Post Dec. 6 Go Live:


Policy Statement Dec. 3, 2021

Following the required filing with the Code Reviser’s Office, the LCB will later today issue a policy statement via GovDelivery regarding “licensee traceability reporting requirement adjustments that support transition from the current Leaf Data System to the Cannabis Central Reporting System (CCRS).”