Update on "Joints for Jabs" Promotions

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June 23, 2021

To:  Cannabis Retailers

Fr:  Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB)

Re: Update on "Joints for Jabs"  Promotions


Some good news for licensed cannabis retailers interested in hosting a vaccine clinic at your licensed location.  


Since the June 7 announcement of the temporary allowance to licensed retailers, the LCB has been working with public health partners to find ways to pair interested retailers with interested vaccine clinic providers. Although some retailers found providers on their own, the LCB understands that finding a willing provider has been a challenge.  


Following conversations between LCB and the state Dept,.of Health (Health), Health officials communicated with all vaccine providers and provided a form for them to fill out if they were interested in being paired with an interested cannabis retailer. Health disseminated this directly to enrolled providers. It is not posted to its website. 


If you are an interested cannabis retailer, please fill out this same form:  https://fortress.wa.gov/doh/opinio/s?s=MarijuanaVax. Health broadened this so both retailers and providers can fill out the same form. Health employees will try to match retailers with providers. Time is valuable. The deadline for clinics is July 12, 2021. 


Thank you to the health community for their continued efforts and particularly the state Dept. of Health for making this happen. And, thank you for considering to be part of the state effort to increase vaccinations in Washington


More information about using licensed space is available here and the details of allowance are available here.