Corrected Email Addresses - LCB Announcement: New Cannabis Compliance Consultant Team

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December 15, 2021


It is with great pleasure that we introduce our Cannabis Compliance Consultant Team. This team of professionals is dedicated to assisting and supporting the cannabis industry. The Compliance Consultants are listed below:

 Federal Way

 Douglas Geltz

 Mountlake Terrace

 Joe Bussman

 Mount Vernon

 Dan Turner


 Mike Gaines


 Mike Jennings


 Michelle Tibbetts


 Scott McKenney


 Doug Jones


 Gary Lane


 Brad Fraker


 Gary Wilcox

The goal of the Compliance Consultants is to help licensees understand and comply with state cannabis requirements, laws, and rules (RCWs and WACs) and to help licensees achieve and maintain compliance.

Voluntary participation with the Consultation team is available for cannabis producers, processors, retailers, researchers, and transporter licensees.

Compliance Consultants will provide support and technical assistance to help licensees comply with LCB rules and regulations. Compliance Consultants are not Enforcement Officers and cannot issue administrative violations. Consultants operate under state requirements (RCW 69.50.342(3)).

The Consultants have been assigned to geographic areas to provide for statewide coverage, facilitate consistency, and help build strong working relationships. Compliance Consultants will work with and in cooperation with LCB’s Officers and Licensing staff to facilitate outreach programs and essential licensing functions.

Recently, we sent Marijuana Bulletin 21-01 describing this program and explaining how to request a visit.

Other duties that can be performed by Compliance Consultants include:


  • Conducting final inspection and briefings - An important educational tool to help you get started in the marijuana industry.
  • Set up planned visits with marijuana licensees called “annual inspections” - They will walk through your business and identify compliance gaps and make suggestions on how to correct the concerns.
  • Assist in trainings for your staff members - Such as Responsible MJ Sales or reading IDs
  • Participate in industry association meetings - Discuss common problems or trends they see in the field so they can be addressed more consistently and on a larger scale or as a whole rather than just individually.

Please feel free to reach out via email to your area’s Consultant directly with questions or for assistance. You can also call your local LCB office of your assigned Officer, or the LCB Enforcement and Education Customer Service line 360-664-9878. For more information, please see our LCB webpage