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May, 1, 2020

TO:         Marijuana Licensees; Approved Third Party Integrators; Certified Labs

FR:         Kendra Hodgson, Cannabis Examiner Manager

RE:        Lab Result (LR) Code  


This message is to provide clarity regarding a repeated LCB request for labs to provide the Lab Result (LR) code to licensees and third-party commercial integrators. Please note that the LR code is not the test results themselves but the unique software identifier connected to the lab record that is generated when a lab enters the test results.  


To date we have verbally instructed labs and third-party integrators that this is not an approved practice as it undermines the integrity of the labs results.    


WAC 314-55-102 (2)(a) states the following:

(i) Certified labs must record an acknowledgment of the receipt of samples from producers or processors in the WSLCB seed to sale traceability system. Certified labs must also verify if any unused portion of the sample was destroyed or returned to the licensee after the completion of required testing.

(ii) Certified labs must report quality assurance test results directly to the WSLCB traceability system when quality assurance tests for the field of testing are required within twenty-four hours of completion of the test(s).

(iii) Certified labs must fail a sample if the results for any limit test are above allowable levels regardless of whether the limit test is required in the testing tables in this section.


To support this reporting requirement, the state’s traceability system was designed to facilitate the reporting of test results directly from labs to the state.


The Certificate of Analysis provided is a direct reflection of the results entered into Leaf by certified marijuana labs.  It also serves to support the licensee testing and record keeping requirements.  In no way is the Certificate of Analysis or related system identifier (LR Code) to be used to apply results to other product or edit existing results.


WSLCB has received numerous requests to authorize the release of the LR Code to licensees and third party integrators.  We are also aware that labs are now being approached directly with this request.  The request has been reviewed and denied. As there have been no business needs presented to overturn the policy decision that do not undermine the integrity of the test results, labs do not have authorization from WSLCB to release the Leaf System LR code.


Thank you for your attention to this important matter.