Tips and Workarounds Updated

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August 6, 2019

Licensees, Labs and Integrators,


Some questions have arisen regarding attested lab results and the truncated “D.”


As you’ll recall, new requirements for lab test results implemented in the 1.37.5 were causing records that were attested as passed to display as failed in LEAF. The attested results were manually converted from a failing status to a passing status and the lab result global id was updated to display "WAATTESTE" in lieu of a lab ID. Since the length of the global ID before the "D" in Leaf is a set length (usually, it is WAX123456. to accommodate the licensee code and license number) the system is truncating the "D” and showing as “WAATTESTE” when it displays in a global ID format.


Some users are reporting that they feel is unexpected behavior in Leaf. After reviewing this, WSLCB confirmed that this behavior is displaying as expected.


Given that this is not a workaround, WSLCB has started capturing tips and tricks that will assist Leaf users. These tips are included at the top of the Leaf Work Arounds and Tips document found here.