Reactivating Webform Manifest

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July 18, 2019

Licensees, Labs and Integrators,


This message is to let you know that there is a work stoppage connected to lab results preventing manifests and transfers.


MJ Freeway and the WSLCB are working on a collaborative solution to correct the underlying issue.  We expect to implement the collaborative solution soon. 


Webform Manifest

Yesterday, we notified licensees that the webform to create manifests during the downtime was no longer necessary now that the system was running. In connection to the work stoppage referenced above, we are temporarily reactivating the webform manifest to alleviate flow blocks. All documentation to support your manifest and transfer must be maintained in your records.


Please continue to use the webform manifest until the LCB communicates that it is no longer needed. Thank you for your patience.



The link to the webform manifest is available on the LCB website: