Leaf Data Systems Software Release 1.37.5 Update

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Leaf Data Systems Software Release 1.37.5 Update

Licensees, Integrators and Labs,

First, we apologize for the late message.  This message is to update you on traceability.

There are two scenarios that are being prepared for simultaneously.

Action Step for Scenario 1: MJ Freeway is testing a script that they believe will resolve the disassociation issue experienced by licensees.  Lab results for Leaf inventory still exists in the database but the association from inventory to lab results has been disconnected. The fix will restore lab results to affected inventory records. A simultaneous fix will be implemented that resolves the issue of some licensees being locked out of the system. It is important to note that the database is intact and there’s no impact to data integrity.

LCB Response for Scenario 1: The LCB has given the go-ahead to MJ Freeway to pursue this scenario in its test environment with a built in timeline for LCB staff to test and verify the results.

Action Step for Scenario 2:  MJ Freeway is preparing roll-back procedures should Scenario 1 not meet tests run by the LCB at our agreed upon deadline. If an appropriate fix is not available by 3:00 a.m. for Scenario 1 then a rollback will be triggered to ensure a workable system by 8:00 AM for licensees.

LCB Response for Scenario 2: In order to avoid more disruption to industry services, MJ Freeway will roll the software release back to its pre-deployment state. The time stamp from the previous state was approximately 10:50 Pacific Daylight Time on Saturday July 13th. This action will allow licensees to resume business operations and traceability reporting by an 8:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time start of business Wednesday (July 17th) morning.

The roll-back process will take a few hours to fully revert – including time for testing and validation by the LCB. The LCB informed third-party commercial integrators earlier this evening on a conference call that they would be notified if this was happening so they may prepare to revert their systems. 

The LCB will continue to communicate with you as we reach milestones throughout the evening.