Traceability Software Release Details and Training Now Available

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May 24, 2019

Traceability Software Release Detail

Dear Licensee,

As communicated previously, we remain on schedule to deploy a major software update to Leaf Data Systems on June 6, 2019. This software release, 1.37.5, is the most comprehensive release to date.

Software Release 1.37.5 will include a variety of workflow improvements especially related to waste reporting, inventory type attributes, lab results, inventory transfers, and the ability to adjust previously entered sales data. General improvements will include numeric standardization of decimal values for weights, and the replacement of drop-down menus with “type-ahead” search fields for batches, inventories and inventory types.  


  • Product Testing. The system will track and ensure appropriate tests are performed for each type of product, both with and without medical certifications. This release also corrects thresholds, inheritance rules, and controls related to retesting.
  • Inventory Transfers. This release improves data validation when creating product transfers and corrects recipient related issues.
  • Inventory Types. This release contains improvements to inventory types to more accurately describe and track weight-based inventory.
  • Waste Reporting: For Producers, improvements to report waste required for harvest and conversion related activities.
  • Sales: This release provides the ability to adjust previously entered sales data (i.e. unit price).

Release Materials Online

The Traceability Section of the Liquor and Cannabis Board website is your central source for information pertaining to the system overall and each release. In that section you will find:

  • 1.37.5 User Manual
  • 1.37.5 Detailed Release Notes
  • 1.37.5 Training Videos specific to license type
  • 1. 37.5 Process Change Descriptions
  • 1.37.5 Training Environment. The Leaf Data Systems training sandbox is available for you to familiarize yourself with the new traceability system version. Anyone at a business using the Leaf Data Systems website directly (without a third party commercial provider) must have a Secure Access Washington (SAW) account and a unique email address. To connect to the sandbox using SAW, please follow these directions.
  • If you have a SAW account:
    • Use the same email address you use to login to Leaf Data If you changed your accounts in production, please call the support line below for assistance.
  • If you do not have a SAW account:
    • SAW is a single-sign on application gateway used by Washington State to simplify access to internet-accessible government services. Most businesses that use a third party software provider to access Leaf Data Systems directly already have an account. SAW works like a key to your office building. Create a SAW account here.
  • Note: The training sandbox is not populated with data. Users are encouraged to enter data and navigate the environment prior to June 6, 2019.
  • If you have any questions about how to access the training sandbox, please contact or 888-420-5813.

Approximately 75 percent of licensees use third-party commercial software to interface with the traceability system. Commercial integrators received Release 1.37.5 early to review and prepare their software for their clients. We strongly encourage licensees who do not use a software vendor to review the available materials and acquaint yourself with the changes that will come June 6, 2019, when Software Release 1.37.5 goes live.  


Note: We’re moving! The Liquor and Cannabis Board headquarters is headed to downtown Olympia this June. Click here for details.