Interim Policies Adopted for Marijuana Packaging, Labeling, and Product Approval Process and Guidelines

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December 12, 2018

Interim Policies Adopted for Marijuana Packaging, Labeling, and Product Approval Process and Guidelines

Effective today, the below interim policies have been implemented for marijuana packaging, labeling the product approval process, and guidelines. 

BIP-10-2018, Packaging and Labeling Requirements
This interim policy clarifies the procedures and processes for packaging, labeling, and product decisions for marijuana infused edible products. 

  • Designates approved colors and shapes
  • Designates approved colors and background colors for packaging and labeling
  • Indicates other packaging allowances, such as photos, clear windows, and logo usage

BIP-07-2018, Packaging and Labeling Requirements
This interim policy further clarifies the phrase "false and misleading"  regarding packaging and labeling of marijuana-infused products, and addresses concerns regarding packaging and labeling that is designed to mimic, imply or reference a product containing alcohol. 

  • Labels affixed to a container or package containing usable marijuana, marijuana concentrates, and marijuana infused products must not mimic, imply, represent or contain any statement, depiction, illustration, design, brand or name of a product containing alcohol.
  • Product label designs that mimic or imply that a marijuana product contains alcohol have been considered false and misleading, and increase public safety risk. Using words or references (such as non-alcoholic,not a beer, not a spirit, etc.) does not supersede the rule. 

Additional Interim Policies Coming Soon
Two additional interim policies are currently being finalized by staff. Notification will be forthcoming once these policies are finalized. 

In addition, staff will bring forward a modification proposal to these interim policies, making all changes effective January 1, 2020. 

A webinar outlining the proposed changes and their impacts is scheduled at 10 a.m., Wednesday, December 18. A separate notification will follow for this webinar. 

As always, refer to the LCB website for the latest and most thorough information. The LCB maintains a resource page for Packaging and Labeling that is accessible from the homepage. 

We believe the clarified approach to packaging, labeling and product approval requirements will benefit our licensees and improve compliance going forward. We appreciate the involvement and participation of the industry as we streamline and improve processes for marijuana infused edibles and their packages/labels.