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February 7, 2018

Retailers May Accept Product Labeled on Manifests with New Leaf Global ID Numbers

WSLCB wants Retail licensees to know they can accept product from Producer/Processors when the Manifest has new Leaf Global ID numbers. The new Leaf Global ID numbers on manifests will link to Contingency ID numbers or Old Traceability ID numbers from the legacy system used prior to the Contingency Period. 

Relabeling Your Physical Inventory Is Not Required

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Some individuals/businesses have encountered an unforeseen struggle while attempting to cut over their current plants and current inventory into the new Leaf traceability system.

Licensees have raised concern about products not being physically labeled with the new Leaf ID numbers. 

You don't need to relabel your entire physical inventory. 
When product is electronically entered into the Leaf system, it will have the old contingency number, or possibly even the legacy system identification number physically on it.  We do not expect licensees to relabel all of their product/plants with new numbers.  Instead, it  expected that new numbers are physically attached as soon as actions such as conversions, harvest, or lotting are made. 

Licensees may transfer and receive product with the contingency or historic numbers still physically attached to the product.  For example, retailers do not need to physically relabel their inventory, and processors sending  packaged end product to retailers do not need to physically relabel all their product prior to sending it.

It is expected that the historic IDs are linked to the new Leaf IDs by the third party software system or licensee entering the Contingency ID or Old Traceability ID into the “Contingency / Old Traceability” field into Leaf Data Systems when inventory is uploaded. 

Because this only applies to product that is being uploaded as initial Leaf inventory, this exception will only apply to those items that existed prior to implementation of Leaf Data Systems.