$350 for Recycling Your Old Wood Stove

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Wood Stove $350 Reward for Recycling Your Wood Stove

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$350 for Recycling Your Old Wood Stove

Offered to Kitsap County Residents

If you have an old or uncertified wood-burning device, you may qualify for the Puget Sound Wood Stove Program | Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, WA (pscleanair.gov). 

These wood stoves are no longer legal to sell, purchase, give away or re-install anywhere in Washington state due to the significant pollution they generate. 

For a limited time residents of Kitsap County can receive $350 for recycling their old, polluting wood stove.

Eligible devices:

  • Wood stoves and fireplace inserts that are not US EPA certified or were manufactured before 2000.
  • Free-standing manufactured fireplaces (but not built-in, zero-clearance fireplaces),
  • Wood-burning furnaces, or
  • Residential coal-burning devices are also eligible.

Not eligible:

  • Indoor barrel stoves and
  • Trash burners  

Old device must be in working order for the recycling reward. The homeowner is responsible for removal and taking the old stove or insert to one of the PS Clean Air Agency collection sites for recycling. 

Scrap Your Stove for Clean Air

Unhealthy fine particles from wood smoke pose a risk to everyone. Children, older adults, and people with heart disease, asthma, and other lung diseases are the most at risk. 

Utility Rebates

Check out home heating and insulation rebates, and weatherization assistance from your local utility. Upgrading your home for energy efficiency benefits both local air quality and your wallet.

For questions, contact Puget Sound Clean Air:

woodstove@pscleanair.gov or 206-343-8800