COVID-19 update from the Kitsap EOC - May 20, 2020

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COVID-19 Testing Results Update for Kitsap County as of 2 p.m. on May 20

  • Positive tests to date: 161

  • Negative tests to date: 5,633

  • Deaths to date: 2
  • View Kitsap Public Health's interactive COVID-19 data dashboard - also available in Spanish
COVID-19 daily case update


Update on variance application

Kitsap Public Health District officials have made progress compiling the information necessary to apply for a variance that would allow Kitsap County from Phase 1 to Phase 2 under the governor’s Safe Start plan for recovery. The Health District will complete a draft application prior to the health officer making a formal recommendation to the Kitsap Public Health Board. The Health Board is tentatively scheduled to meet on May 27 to discuss the Phase 2 variance. Meeting information will be distributed when details are confirmed.

The variance application contains a rigorous list of questions and data requests to justify why and how a county is ready to move from Phase 1 to Phase 2 earlier than other counties in the state. You can view the variance application instructions issued by the state and the variance application form to learn more about the process.

These are key steps necessary for a county to apply:

variance steps


Talk like a public health professional

Have you been talking so much about COVID-19 to your family and friends that you’re starting to sound like a professional? Ready to take your language to the next level?

Read this new blog post from Washington Department of Health to learn how to use some commonly-confused public health terms and phrases.


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Update on unemployment imposter fraud

The Employment Security Department (ESD) has experienced a dramatic rise in “imposter fraud," where an individual uses stolen personal information to fraudulently apply for unemployment benefits. ESD Commissioner Suzi LeVine released an update Monday about the additional steps ESD is taking to protect people.

Read more about imposter fraud and report it at


Staying Positive! 

Nowadays, most people don’t think twice about using safety measures like hard hats, helmets, safety glasses, and seat belts. The same idea can be applied to your personal responsibility towards reducing the spread of coronavirus.

As restrictions ease, be smart and safe when you leave home. Physical distancing remains the most important tool, but you can also practice good hygiene and wear face coverings to stay safe and #BlockTheReboundKitsap.

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