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COVID-19 Testing Results Update for Kitsap County as of 2 p.m. on May 5

  • Positive tests to date: 152

  • Negative tests to date: 3,982
  • Deaths to date: 2
  • View Kitsap Public Health's interactive COVID-19 data dashboard - available in Spanish and English.

Health District Update

The Kitsap Public Health Board received an update on COVID-19 during a virtual meeting Tuesday afternoon. You can view a video recording of the meeting and the meeting presentation slides.

Daily COVID-19 update
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Advisory groups to help reopen Washington's economy

Gov. Jay Inslee today announced members of Safe Start advisory groups with focus on health systems and public health, social supports and economic readiness.

“These groups include a diverse group of voices, from community leaders in labor, business, government and nonprofit organizations,” Inslee said during a press conference Tuesday. “They represent a broad cross-section of Washingtonians from east and west of the Cascades, different generations and a focus on different impacts from the pandemic on our state.”

Each advisory group constitutes a forum for the community to consult with the governor’s office and state agencies on next steps as Washington moves forward. The members of these community leader groups are in touch with communities around the state and will inform decision-making.

The three community leader advisory groups will be led by state cabinet officials:

  • Public Health and Health Care System led by Department of Health Sec. John Wiesman
  • Safe Work and Economic Recovery led by Department of Commerce Director Lisa Brown
  • Social Supports led by Department of Social and Health Services Sec. Cheryl Strange

These groups do not substitute for legislative involvement. Cabinet leads and the governor’s office staff will report out to the local elected officials and the Legislature on the progress and status of the state’s efforts.

Read about the three groups and their members on the governor's Medium page


Emergency Room

Heart attack and stroke don’t stop for COVID-19

Hospitals across the country report a drop in the number of emergency room visits for heart attacks and strokes. Avoiding the hospital in an effort to limit exposure to COVID-19 could be a deadly decision. 

If you or someone you know is exhibiting stroke or heart attack symptoms, it’s vitally important to get medical care right away. Call 911 if you or someone you know experiences a life-threatening emergency. Learn more from the Washington Department of Health.

View information in Spanish on when to go to the emergency room: Cuándo ir a la sala de emergencias


New credit protections for consumers

The federal CARES Act protects consumers during the coronavirus pandemic from any negative credit reporting as long as their accounts were in good standing before the pandemic started. The legislation:

  • Prohibits a creditor from reporting an individual’s delinquent payments to a credit reporting agency if the individual was up-to-date on their payments before the pandemic started.  
  • If asked, a creditor may also allow an individual to defer one or more payments, make a partial payment, or modify a loan or contract.

This protection also applies to credit history impact on consumer payment rate calculation for auto and homeowner's insurance. Get more information from the state Insurance Commissioner’s office.


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