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Linda Ridge

Linda Ridge appointed Chief Administrative Officer of Superior Court

King County Superior Court’s Executive Committee has appointed Linda K. Ridge to Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the King County Superior Court. CAO is the highest non-judicial officer role in the King County Superior Court.

Ms. Ridge was appointed as Acting CAO on Jan. 1, 2021, upon the retirement of Paul L. Sherfey. From 2005 to 2020, Ms. Ridge served as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, and prior to that served in several different roles within the Court.

Read the full announcement here

Conf Room masks

Future of Work – what tech to expect in the office

For employees returning to the office (full time or occasionally), KCIT is committed to making your transition as stress-free as possible.

The Future of Work may look a little different for each department, but KCIT is launching new technology to bridge the distance between colleagues and foster greater collaboration.

Click here to see some of the innovations you can expect in the coming months. 

Employee Spotlights

Michelle Rankin tells why she chose to get the vaccine

Michelle Rankin vaccine testimonial

Jaime Deer

Jaime Deer: Deputy Sheriff, Trainer, Advocate

While serving as a trainer for the King County’s Sheriff’s Office (KCSO), two things happened that helped Sgt. Jaime Deer realize that he could no longer travel the path in life he’d been born to.

First, Caitlyn Jenner announced to the world she was transgender and would be transitioning to female. And second, another openly transgender officer came through the class where Jaime was the trainer.

Those two events gave Jaime the courage to admit that he wasn’t being true to himself and that it was time to become the person he’d felt he was all his life.

Read more about Jaime's journey here and the great work he does for the Sheriff’s Office and the LGBTQ+ community. 


umbrella vote

Volunteer to Close a Ballot Drop Box for the August Primary

It’s that time again! Time for King County to vote and make our voices heard. As you may know, drop boxes close at 8 p.m. sharp on Election Day and there is often a last minute rush of voters looking to get their ballots in on time. King County Elections needs your help to provide customer service and assistance to voters using this last opportunity to return their ballots.

Sign up and join us for a fun and fulfilling experience helping your neighbors experience the excitement and community of casting their ballots.

You’ll be partnered with Elections staff and no experience is necessary! Have questions? Learn more here.

Safety Tips

Safety Tip #5: Responding to a theft or an attempted theft

Safety is everyone's responsibility. Check out the final video in this series on how to react in a situation.

Remember, being aware of your surroundings and having a plan helps you to be prepared in the event you find yourself in a threatening event.

Watch the video here.   

Vaccination card

New process for voluntarily providing vaccination information

On June 30, Executive Constantine announced the next phase in our COVID-19 pandemic, which includes updated requirements for wearing masks and a new process for employees to voluntarily provide vaccination information.

If an employee chooses to do so, there are options to provide proof that they are fully vaccinated. Click here for details. 

african am woman in blue

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month panel discussion

This panel event will provide an opportunity for King County employees to normalize the discussion around mental health for our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) community, and learn more about resources available to support the mental health of employees and their loved ones.

All employees are invited to join this important discussion!

Tech Tip: Training on Teams coming up! 

Now that so many King County employees have moved to Teams, we know there are lots of questions on how to best use this great resource. 

Good news! Our training partner, Vitalyst, offers free, live training sessions tailored for King County users on many critical features of Teams. Check out these options: 

  • Teams for Intermediate Users 
  • Teams for Advanced Users 
  • Collaboration Across Microsoft 365 
  • Troubleshooting Teams 
  • Getting Started with Teams Mobile 
  • Communicating in Teams 

To attend any of these sessions, click here to select a session and register for the day and time that works for you. 

Security Tips - Hovering over links

How can you tell if an email is safe? Even if you catch red flags in an email, such as typos or poor grammar, an urgent demeanor, or even a spoofed domain, how can you truly decipher the safety of an email?

An immediate step you can take is to watch out for one of the most critical tell-tale signs of a phishing email—a mismatched or fake URL.  

Why is hovering important? What can it do for you? Hovering not only allows you a moment to think before proceeding, it allows you the opportunity to see where a link is going to redirect you. This is especially important because not all links lead to where they appear, or insinuate they'll go. When you hover, check for the following to ensure you're staying safe and secure:

  • If the email appears to be coming from a company, does the hover link match the website of the sender?
  • Does link have a misspelling of a well-known website (Such as Micorsoft.com)?
  • Does the link redirect to a suspicious external domain appearing to look like the sender’s domain(for example, micorsoft-support.com rather than microsoft.com)?
  • Does the hover link show a URL that does not match where the context of the email claims it will take you?
  • Do you recognize the link’s address or did you even expect to receive the link?
  • Did you receive a blank email with long hyperlinks and no further information or context?

If you notice anything about the email that alarms you, do not click links, open attachments, or even reply. If everything seems okay, but you're still not sure–verify! Ask your IT team or leadership if the email is legitimate before proceeding. Remember, you are the last line of defense to prevent cyber criminals from succeeding and making you or King County susceptible to an attack.

If you you have any questions, please submit them to kcitcsat@kingcounty.gov.

POTW Eclipse

Pet of the Week: Eclipse

I am a two-year-old, beautiful black female with a little white spot on my chest. 

I flip between being an affectionate lovebug who would be thrilled to cuddle up with you at home and an independent kitty who likes to do my own thing.

I would do best as the only cat in an adults-only home and with access outside so I can get the freedom that makes me happy and relaxed. I really enjoy playing with wands or rope toys, as it gives me a chance to practice my hunting skills!

You can find out more about me and my other friends on our website at www.kingcounty.gov/adoptapet. Note that RASKC has moved to adoptions by appointment only. If you have more questions, you can contact RASKC via phone at 206-296-7387 (PETS) or email pets@kingcounty.gov.

Featured Job

Overdose Prevention and Response Program Manager

Salary: $88,920.00 - $112,715.20 Annually

Location: Seattle, WA

Job Type: Special Duty Assignment or Term Limited Temp (TLT)

Department: DPH - Public Health

Job Number: 2021CF13724

Division: Administrative Services

Closes July 20

The position is responsible for a number of areas including equity and social justice, grant management and communications. The successful candidate must be connected to the community and possess strong project management and communications background. Demonstrated ability to work within a team is a must.

Learn more about this position or view all available positions.

King County Headlines

King County expands Health Through Housing initiative with third hotel purchase in partnership with City of Seattle

Recognizing our YouthSource students and graduates by Best Starts for Kids

Inslee declares wildfire state of emergency, limited burn ban

Alignment for RapidRide J Line receives County Council approval

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