Construction coming to Fruitland Landing and 97th Ave SE


February 2024

Pipe installation and structural upgrades coming to 97th Avenue Southeast and Lift Station 11 at Fruitland Landing

One day of traffic impacts Feb 23; more work planned to begin Mid-March

Thank you for your patience as major construction activities continue across north Mercer Island. Starting as early as mid-March, construction will begin on 97th Ave SE and at Fruitland Landing.

Read on to learn more about this upcoming work:

Camera work with one day of traffic impacts planned on February 23

As early as February 23, crews will work for one day, using a camera to look inside the existing pipe that runs underneath 97th Ave SE between Fruitland Landing and Southeast 34th Place. Flaggers will direct single lane alternating traffic. Access to homes will be maintained.

Major activities expected to begin in mid-MarchSingle lane alternating traffic on west side of 97th Ave SE

Installing and Relining Pipe along 97th Ave SE

Crews will reline an existing sewer pipe along 97th Avenue Southeast, north of Southeast 34th Street. Relining the pipe will extend its service life without needing to fully replace it.

A new sewer pipe will be installed along 97th Ave SE, south of Southeast 34th Street. The new pipe will connect to pipe being installed underneath the I-90 Trail. This pipe installation will use the open cut method. For more details on open cut pipe installation, check out our open cut factsheet.

Trenchless drilling on south end of 97th Ave SE

Crews have begun installing pipe using a trenchless jack and bore method on the south end of 97th Ave SE. Once the pipe is installed in between two houses on the west side of 97th Ave SE, crews will install pipe on the east side of 97th Ave SE. This pipe will then be connected to a diversion structure in the cul-de-sac of Southeast 35th Place.

If you live nearby, you may experience increased vibration or noise as crews are excavating the pit areas and drilling underground. Completing this portion of the work is expected to take approximately two months.

Upgrading Lift Station 11 at Fruitland Landing

Lift Station 11 is located along the Mercer Island shoreline at Fruitland Landing. It connects the City of Mercer Island's wastewater system to King County's regional wastewater system.

Comparing current and future system improvements near 97th Ave SE and Fruitland Landing

Crews will install bigger pumps and an upgraded electrical system in the station. This will increase the amount of wastewater flow that can travel through the lift station.

The park at Fruitland Landing will be closed to the public for approximately four months to ensure everyone’s safety while crews work in the small space.

What to expect:

  • Flaggers will direct single-lane, alternating traffic through the work area.
  • Crews will lay ramps over any open trenches to safely maintain driveway access for residents.
  • Roads will be restored to two-way traffic after work hours.
  • Approved work hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday.
  • Noise, dust, and vibrations typical of an active construction project.
  • Emergency vehicle access will be maintained.
  • Garbage, recycling, composting, and mail service will be maintained.
    • If services are interrupted, please call the project hotline at 425-305-3587.
  • We will reach out with specific dates and more details as work approaches.
  • Construction schedules can change based on factors such as site conditions, weather, and material availability.


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