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School field trip to a wastewater treatment plant


Environmental Education Programs
Department of Natural Resources and Parks

Find out about Careers and Internships in DNRP

King County Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) offers paid teen internships and spring career events. Learn more about these career opportunities.

King County Parks offers paid summer teen internships through their Youth Conservation Corps. The application period is open, find out more information!

Volunteer at StormFest

StormFest is an outdoor learning event for students taking place June 6-8. Volunteers are needed to help teach and support the programs. Find out how you can get involved.

Learn to Control Noxious Weeds

King County Water and Land is offering a webinar series where you can learn to control your noxious weeds!

Take a tour of a Water Treatment Plant

Tour a WTD treatment plant and learn what you can do to protect our water. Must be at least 9 years old. Sign up now!

Learn Sustainable Landscaping and Yard care

WTD is offering adult classes about creating a healthy, low-maintenance landscape. The April class is focused on small-scale garden irrigation. Join us for these free classes.

Volunteer at a Local Park

King County Parks leads an average of 10,000 volunteers a year performing restoration, park improvement and building and maintaining trails. Each program weaves environmental education into the event. Join Us!

Volunteer at City Soil Farm

WTD has a farm! City Soil is a teaching farm located in Renton that provides education programs about water use and turning wastewater into valuable resources. The farm also helps feed local community members at the White Center Food Bank! Come learn and volunteer at the farm.

Use Water Education Resources

The Water and Land Division provides extensive resource guides for teachers interested in Water. WTD provides a variety of education resources. Create a map with local watersheds; play a video game where you battle wipes; and take a video tour of a water treatment plant!

Become a Green School

The Green Schools Program involves K-12 students and staff in education and action for sustainability. Student teams, schools, and districts receive hands-on help, tools, and recognition in becoming a Green School. Public and private K - 12 schools and school districts in King County, outside the City of Seattle, are eligible to participate.



Other environmental education opportunities

Environmental education programs and resources

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