Upcoming biennial budget, new airport update, and more!

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King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn

Your Weekly King County Council and District 9 Update

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Every two years, the King County Council is tasked with establishing the biennial budget, which lays out our Council’s operating costs and spending priorities for the next two years. With that said, we are now in budget season at the Council! Most committee meetings are canceled for the time being so we can focus primarily on passing a budget.

Here’s what you can expect going forward: This Tuesday, September 27th, Executive Constantine will transmit his proposed 2023-2024 budget to the Council. After that begins our process of deliberating over, amending, and eventually adopting a budget before the end of this year. To learn more about this process, check out this explainer video from KCTV

A large part of my job is to make sure that taxpayer money is spent wisely, so I encourage you to please e-mail me should you have any concerns or questions about the budget. As always, you can reach me at Reagan.dunn@kingcounty.gov.

All my best,

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Reagan Dunn
King County Councilmember
District 9

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