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King County Agriculture Commission an opportunity to take an active role in the development and evaluation of policies

AG commission

The King County Agriculture Commission is an opportunity for people with a background and interest in commercial agriculture  real estate to guide the county in the development and evaluation of policies. We talked with Kevin Scott-Vandenberge, the current chair of the commission and Patrice Barrentine, the Agriculture Policy and Economic Development Specialist with King County.

The King County Agricultural Commission consists of 15 members and currently meets nine times each year via Zoom to discuss and make recommendations to staff, the Executive, and council on King County agriculture policy, recommendations, and programs as well as to conduct the business of the commission.

Learn more about King County Agriculture Commission. 

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New study examines potential for recycled water to address irrigation needs

Washington Water Trust

Fresh water availability is a growing concern as snowpack storage and rainfall decrease during our dry summer months. Access to a stable water source is important for farmers who rely on river water during the summer months to irrigate their crops. Yet this use, impacts the habitat of the aquatic life that rely on the river streamflow to survive and thrive.  

A possible solution is to use recycled water, also known as reclaimed water, for crop irrigation instead of river water. This alternative water source has been used by other states for years to solve their growing water needs. Using recycled water offers an opportunity to provide farmers with a sustainable and reliable water source, while keeping water in the river for salmon.  

Read more about the study's findings. 

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Check out Farm Walks podcast

Farm Walks podcast

For the past 18 years, Tilth Alliance and WSU Food Systems program have organized over 130 Farm Walks around Washington state. Each farm walk includes an in-depth conversation with farmers on varies topics like food safety, growing organic produce, reducing food waste, and more! 

Check their latest podcast here! 

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