King County Comprehensive Plan - 2024 Scope of Work, 2022 annual update, and performance measures

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April 6, 2022

2024 Scope of Work, 2022 annual update, and performance measures

Scope of Work for 2024 Comprehensive Plan

In March 2022, the King County Executive submitted to the King County Council the Executive Recommended Scope of Work for the 2024 King County Comprehensive Plan Update.

The 2024 Update is an opportunity to make substantive policy changes that address the community's long-term needs and advance the County's policy goals.  The Update will have three focus areas: equity, housing, and climate changeThese and other topics that will be considered as part of the 2024 Update are included in the recommended Scope of Work in Proposed Motion 2022-0156.  The Scope of Work will also be used to inform the scope of the environmental review (SEPA EIS) of the 2024 Update.

The Scope of Work is a "floor," not a "celling," for the 2024 Update.  This means that, at a minimum, the issues listed in the Scope will be evaluated.  But additional issues not on the list may also be considered as part of the Update, where appropriate and consistent with required environmental review.

The Council is anticipated to review, amend, and possibly approve the Scope by mid-June 2022.  The Council's review schedule and opportunities for public comment on the Scope can be found here.

Other Comprehensive Plan Submittals

The following were also submitted by the Executive to the Council in March 2022:

  • 2022 Annual Comprehensive Plan Update.  Proposed Ordinance 2022-0162 is an "annual" update to the Comprehensive Plan, which is limited to minor changes and technical corrections, adoption of subarea plans, and adoption of land use changes that do not amend the Urban Growth Area boundary.  The 2022 package includes the proposed Skyway-West Hill and North Highline Community Service Area Subarea Plans, as well as associated proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan, land use and zoning map changes, and inclusionary housing regulations.  Also included are minor land use and zoning map changes in Fall City and unincorporated Maple Valley.
  • 2022 Comprehensive Plan Performance Measures Report.  This is the first report issued under the recently created Comprehensive Plan performance measures program.  The report analyzes recent trends relative to the core functions of the Comprehensive Plan and makes recommendations for actions in the 2024 Update.
  • Technical Code Changes for 2024 Update.  Proposed Ordinance 2022-0155 recommends technical changes to development regulations in the King County Code to establish appropriate timelines necessary to complete the 2024 update and associated environmental review.

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Chris Jensen

Comprehensive Planning Manager


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