The RASKCAL Reporter| Issue # 59| January- February 2022

The RASKCAL Reporter

In this Issue:                                                                           January- February 2022

RASKC honors Feb. Volunteer of the Month: Amanda Radak

Amanda R

Meet Amanda! RASKC is extremely happy to honor Amanda Radak as Volunteer of the Month for February. This Kent resident has contributed over 3,800 hours since 2017, as a foster volunteer and by working shifts on the Early Morning Cat & Rabbit Crew, and on our Cat Meet & Greet Team in the pre-pandemic era. Amanda often offers insightful suggestions and always brings a “can do” attitude. 

When Diana Fowler worked as a RASKC Animal Care Technician in 2018, she raved about Amanda. She wrote, "Amanda is always busy, takes on HUGE extra tasks- like organizing the feed rom- without prompting, making sure all supplies are fully stocked, constantly asks staff if we need anything, positive attitude. She’s just amazing, and I love her!"

To read an interview with Amanda, go to our blog

RASKC honors Jan. Volunteer of the Month: Morgan Anderson

Morgan A

Meet Morgan! With tremendous pleasure RASKC names Morgan Anderson as Volunteer of the Month for January. Having contributed over 7,600 hours as a foster volunteer, with great skills and dedication, this Covington resident ranks among RASKC’s top volunteers.

“Well, I totally love the entire Anderson family. They are so wonderful and always came when I needed them,” said RASKC Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason. “They took so many moms and babies and bottle babies. Morgan, her mom Connie, and sister Jessica are an amazing team.”

To read an interview with Morgan, go to our blog.

Limelight shines on Exceptional Youth: Chris Young

chris y

Meet Chris!  RASKC is profoundly pleased to honor Chris Young as an Exceptional Youth. This Renton resident walks dogs at the shelter—both on his weekly shift and on “fill-in” shifts to help cover absences.

“Many years back I used to volunteer at the Northwest Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (now called the Whatcom Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center). I had the unique opportunity to work with baby squirrels, possums, bald eagles, great horned owls, and racoons.

To read more about Chris, go to our blog.  

Spotlight on Outstanding New Volunteer: Lisa Huff


Meet Lisa!  RASKC is very honored to name Lisa Huff as an Outstanding New Volunteer. This SeaTac resident has contributed more shifts in a short amount of time than any other RASKC volunteer in the past 12 years. In a recent three-month period, Lisa came in for over 60 shifts! She works on the Early Morning Cat & Rabbit Crew and as a Shelter Helper.

“Thanks to RASKC. They have brought such joy to my life. I love being a volunteer here, because of the cats, rabbits, and dogs. They give me a purpose to be who I am, someone with great respect for them. I am very happy being involved at RASKC, who are such kind and good people. Rock on!!!”

To read more about Lisa, go to our blog.  

Pride in our Partners: Kitsap Humane Society

Kitsap Humane

RASKC commends the Kitsap Humane Society, one of the leading animal-welfare organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

This organization, who started in 1908, has achieved a rate of 96% (or better) lives saved for the last six years. Their impressive lifesaving rate places the Kitsap Humane Society in the top tier of large open-admission animal shelters in the United States, exceeding the 90% “gold standard” nationally in animal welfare.

Located in Silverdale, Washington, Kitsap Humane Society (KHS) serves Kitsap County and beyond as more than a shelter. They rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for thousands of animals every year. To do this, KHS is committed to excellence in all of their services and an open admissions policy – meaning they don’t turn away animals in need.

To read an interview with KHS Marketing Director Victoria Gingrey, go to our blog.