Fighting for a pause on new diversion program for juvenile gun crimes

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Your Update on What's Happening at the King County Council  

Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

In this newsletter, I'll share with you a few things I've been working on recently as well as some community updates.

Last week, I introduced legislation that would pause the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office's (PAO) new juvenile criminal diversion program, Restorative Community Pathways. This pause will allow time for the PAO to engage with several local mayors who are gravely concerned about the program's lax approach to gun crimes. Though criminal diversion programs may be appropriate for some first-time, low-level offenses, I wholeheartedly share these mayors' concerns that failing to prosecute gun crimes, including bringing a firearm to school, will harm the public safety of our neighborhoods. This is especially true as our communities continue to experience the highest levels of gun violence ever recorded. I also believe that the best public policy comes from partnering with local leaders and listening to community needs, and hope that my legislation will allow for that to happen.

I've included more updates from the King County Council below. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the weekend ahead!

All my best,

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Reagan Dunn
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District 9

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