2022 Comprehensive Plan Docket Submittals Report Available

Comprehensive Plan - Executive Updates

January 2022

2022 Docket Submittals Report Available


The King County Comprehensive Plan's 2022 Docket Submittal deadline has passed, and nine public-initiated requests were submitted.  All of the information has been compiled into the Docket Submittals Report and it can be viewed on the Docket page.

The information in the Docket Submittals Report includes the complete set of materials as they were submitted by the proponent.  Providing the Docket Submittals Report to the public early in the process, and even before substantive analysis has occurred, allows for more transparent communication regarding the issues that the County is being asked to consider.


The King County Docket was established in 1998 in accordance with Revised Code of Washington 36.70A.470 and codified at King County Code 20.18.140.  The Docket provides an opportunity for the public to register comments on the King County Comprehensive Plan and the associated development regulations.  The County responds to each item registered on the docket, providing a feedback loop, as required by RCW 36.70A.470.  Docket forms are available on the County website.  The docket is open continuously with a deadline of December 31 for submitting docketed comments for consideration in the following Comprehensive Plan update process.  By the last business day of April, a Docket Report with executive responses and recommendations is released.

The Docket process includes the following steps:

  • posting the submittals online for public notification and comment,
  • classification of the submittal to determine whether it is appropriate for an Annual Update or a Four- or Eight-Year Update,
  • review and analysis,
  • outreach to the public, including notification to adjacent cities and special districts, appropriate to the type and scale of the request, and
  • transmittal of a Docket Report on the last business day of April to the King County Council.

When released in April, the Docket Report will include an Executive Recommendation on whether the requested change will be included in the following Comprehensive Plan update.  For submittals not recommended by the Executive, the submitter can petition the County Council during its legislative review process.

For More Information

Please contact Ivan Miller at 206-263-8297 or ivan.miller@kingcounty.gov.