The RASKCAL Reporter| Issue # 57| November 2021

The RASKCAL Reporter

In this Issue:                                                                                            November 2021

RASKC honors Volunteer of the Month: Karen Grace

VoM Karen

Meet Karen!  With tremendous pleasure RASKC names Karen Grace as a Volunteer of the Month. This Seattle resident is one of our longest serving volunteers, having fostered animals for us every year since 2007! So far, Karen has contributed over 5,500 hours. Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason said, “Karen does an amazing job. She’s always there when I need her. And she comes up with great names for the animals.” Thank you so very, very much, Karen!

To read an interview with Karen, go to our website or blog.

Limelight shines on Exceptional Youth: Anya Ameling


Meet Anya! RASKC is very happy to honor Anya Ameling with Exceptional Youth recognition. This Renton resident and her mom Thuy started volunteering with RASKC in 2014. Over the years, pre-pandemic, Anya had served on our Cat Meet & Greet Team, helped at special adoption events, and also was a member our cat-care team at Covington Petco.

Anya takes classes at Bellevue College and plans to enroll at Colorado State University next year.

To read more about Anya, click here.

Spotlight on Outstanding New Volunteer: Vickie Villena


Meet Vickie!  RASKC is honored to name Vickie Villena as an Outstanding New Volunteer. This Kent resident has demonstrated phenomenal dedication and skill on the Early Morning Cat Crew- training new volunteers, faithfully working a weekly shift, quite often filling in to cover absences- even on Thanksgiving and Christmas this year! A retired nurse, Vickie also helps with donation deliveries, animal transport, and cat photography.

To read more about Vickie, click here.

Pride in Our Partners: Old Dog Haven


RASKC commends Old Dog Haven, an absolutely remarkable organization that facilitates care for dogs in their twilight years, especially older dogs who are at profound risk of homelessness.

Since November is “National Adopt a Senior Pet Month,” this is a great time to encourage everyone to appreciate the work of Old Dog Haven.

Since 2004, Old Dog Haven has helped over 7,200 senior dogs. Most of these dogs were unadoptable due to advanced age or medical conditions. Old Dog Haven (ODH) was their last hope. Due to ODH’s work, these dogs lived, or continue to live, in loving, safe homes for the remainder of their lives. Whendogs are placed in a permanent foster home, ODH pays for all of the dogs’ medications and all needed veterinary care.

With only eight staff (five full-time and three part-time), Old Dog Haven facilitates and grows a foster network of 175 permanent “final refuge” foster homes, primarily in western Washington with a few homes in Portland and eastern Washington. Currently, 295 dogs are in permanent care.  

Old Dog Haven has inspired the formation of organizations like Retired Retrievers and the Grey Muzzle Organization.

To read an interview with Old Dog Haven’s Director of Development Paula Moreschi, click here