The RASKCAL Reporter| Issue # 56| October 2021

The RASKCAL Reporter

In this Issue:                                                                                            October 2021

RASKC honors Volunteer of the Month: Sharon Van Hout


Meet Sharon! RASKC is tremendously honored to name Sharon Van Hout as Volunteer of the Month.  

Since she began in 2017 until the pandemic, this Auburn resident has contributed almost 500 hours so far- performing the sweaty, arduous work on the Early Morning Cat Crew at the shelter. This includes cleaning up some very yukky messes. Sharon faithfully came to the shelter nearly every week as shift lead. She also contributed a great many fill-in shifts and trained so many new volunteers- doing it all with great skill and aplomb. Additonally, Sharon is delightful to work!  

To read an interview with Sharon, go to our website or blog 

Limelight shines on Exceptional Youth: Sierra Wollen


Meet Sierra! RASKC is enormously pleased to award Sierra Wollen with Exceptional Youth recognition. This Kent resident started fostering in 2013 with her mom Marlene when Sierra was a teenager. Since that time, Sierra has contributed over 400 hours!

Sierra attended the University of Washington, where she achieved both an undergraduate degree and Master of Social Work. She continues to foster animals from RASKC.

To read more about Sierra, click here.

Spotlight on Outstanding New Volunteers: Emanuel & Kimberly Juarez


Meet Emanuel & Kimberly! RASKC is so happy to honor Emanuel and Kimberly Juarez as Outstanding New Volunteers. This father-daughter team is super upbeat, extremely reliable, and very skillful on the Early Morning Cat/ Rabbit Team. 

To read more about this delightful duo, who live in Kent, click here 

Pride in Our Partners: Feral Cat Spay/ Neuter Project


RASKC commends the Feral Cat Spay/ Neuter Project, a remarkable non-profit organization with locations in Lynnwood and Renton. This terrific organization has altered more than 135,000 cats! 

FCSNP started in 1997 as a once-a-month clinic devoted only to feral/free-roaming cats. This organization now also alters tame cats from shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals. Cats from almost 60% of Washington’s counties have benefitted from FCSNP services. 

In addition to providing spay/ neuter surgeries at no cost for free-roaming cats, this organization alters tame cats from shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals too. 

The Feral Cat Spay/ Neuter Project also mentors groups who would like to launch a HQHV (High Quality, High Volume) spay-and-neuter clinic. In 2006, PetSmart Charities selected FCSNP to become a National Mentoring Organization. They awarded a generous grant to develop a website in order for other organizations to replicate FCSNP’s model across the county and around the world. 

FCSNP is listed as one of the organizations (#9154) in King County’s Employee Giving Program.  

To read an interview with Executive Director Amy Ferguson, click here