Public safety at the King County Courthouse

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Your Update on What's Happening at the King County Council  

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

For far too long, the dangerous conditions at the King County Courthouse have presented a very real physical threat to all who visit the building, which has sadly become one of most dangerous spots in downtown Seattle. In recent months, these dangerous conditions have tragically escalated to the point of assault, murder, and attempted rape.

I believe that all King County employees and all who need to access their government at the Courthouse have a right to expect that they will not be harmed. This is why, back in June, I proposed condemning the neighboring City Hall Park—the site of a large homeless encampment and a source of violence and crime—as a public safety hazard. And following the tragic sexual assault of a female King County employee inside a Courthouse restroom, I called on local leaders to greatly restrict access to the Courthouse altogether.

Though it has been an uphill battle, I am happy to share that the City of Seattle and King County has finally responded to our concerns. As of 9 AM this morning, City Hall Park is officially closed and the homeless encampment has been removed. Social workers made an effort to connect every resident with housing and other supportive services that they so greatly need.

I am grateful to every Courthouse employee and visitor who fought to make their experiences and fears heard, and I am glad that the City of Seattle and King County have responded in a tangible way to provide a safer atmosphere for all. Though this is real progress, only time will tell if the City of Seattle will honor its agreement to keep our Courthouse safe. I will continue to pay close attention to this issue.

All my best,

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Reagan Dunn
Vice Chairman
Metropolitan King County Council

Dunn Delivers King County Grant for Maple Valley Mental Health Program

Dunn visits Maple Valley mental health first aid program

Councilmember Reagan Dunn meets with Maple Valley Mayor Sean P. Kelly, Deputy Mayor Dana Parnello, School Board President Malia Hollowell, City Manager Laura Philpot, Superintendent Mike Hanson, Community Resource Coordinator Stephanie Williams, and Tahoma Wellness Coordinator Liz Thibert.

Due to the pandemic, there is more need than ever for mental health awareness and expanded services. Initiatives such as City of Maple Valley’s Mental Health First Aid program are incredibly important to support the mental well-being of our community. I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about the program and am pleased to provide it with this significant financial boost!

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