King County COVID-19 updates for May 21, 2021

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  • Total positive counts in King County: 108,103 (New counts since yesterday: 232 at overall 4.4% of all tests)
    • Confirmed: 103,628 (New counts since yesterday: 200)
    • Probable: 4,475 (New counts since yesterday: 32)

  • Hospitalizations: 6,081
    • New hospitalizations since yesterday: 9 at 5.6% of all positive cases

  • Deaths due to COVID-19 illness: 1,573
    • New deaths since yesterday: 7 at 1.5% of all positive cases

  • All PCR test results: 2,388,023
    • Overall new since yesterday: 26,113

  • People tested by PCR: 1,083,674
    • Overall new since yesterday: 7,986

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