Find out if we’re rolling back at Governor’s press conference 11 a.m. tomorrow, herd immunity, in-home vaccination, facial recognition software, assistance for minority veterans and others...

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May 3, 2021

eating outdoors with masks

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As we wait for word from Olympia as to whether King County will rollback to Phase 2, there’s some concerning news from The New York Times about the possibility that the widely spreading variants and “vaccine hesitancy” will make it unlikely the U.S. will be able to reach “herd immunity.”  (Herd immunity is defined by Merriam-Webster as “... a reduction in the risk of infection with a specific communicable disease...that occurs when a significant proportion of the population has become immune to infection (as because of previous exposure or vaccination) so that susceptible individuals are much less likely to come in contact with infected individuals.”)

However, the article also states that even without herd immunity, “...vaccinating the most vulnerable may be enough to restore normalcy.”

Fortunately, people do adapt as situations warrant.  You may have heard of the coronavirus outbreak in the town of Republic in Ferry County, which occurred following a number of large indoor events, some of which were held in protest of mask-wearing.  The caseload (more than 100 cases) has overwhelmed the local hospital and patients were transferred to Wenatchee and Yakima. 

However, according to KUOW, “...while less than 25% of those who live in the rural area around Republic have gotten vaccinated, the local health district says interest in the vaccines has increased since the recent outbreak.”

And, here’s another hopeful bit of breaking news from The New York Times: The F.D.A. is set to authorize the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for those 12-15 years old by early next week.

Also included below is more on local COVID trends, ventilation, in-home vaccination, COVID assistance funding, and the fact that the UW just announced they will require (with certain exceptions) all students to receive a COVID vaccine for fall quarter.

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All the best and I hope you are staying safe.