The RASKCAL Reporter| Issue # 50| April 2021

The RASKCAL Reporter

In this Issue:                                                                                            April 2021

RASKC honors Volunteer of the Month: Donna Tredway


Meet Donna! RASKC is extremely happy to honor Donna Tredway as Volunteer of the Month. Having started in 2011, Donna is one of the longest-serving volunteers on a continuous weekly shift. She has contributed over 730 shifts so far. Donna is also one of RASKC’s most reliable volunteers. For many years, Donna worked two shifts each week- as a Dog Walker and on the Cat Meet & Greet Team. Donna mentors new volunteers and often fills in to cover gaps in scheduling. She is terrific to work with. Thank you, Donna!

To read an interview with Donna, go to our website or blog.

Limelight shines on Exceptional Youth: Jacob Driscoll


Meet Jacob! RASKC bestows Exceptional Youth recognition to Jacob Driscoll with tremendous pleasure. He and his mom have been volunteering on regular shifts on our Tukwila Petco Cat-Care Team since 2015. Jacob and Carrie have trained many new volunteers during the past several years.

A resident of Des Moines, Jacob is a senior at Mount Rainier High School. He also participates in the Running Start program at Highline College. When he graduates this spring, Jacob will have earned both a high-school diploma and an associate’s degree in biology. He has been accepted at Washington State University. Jacob aspires to become a veterinarian.

To read more about Jacob, go to our blog.

Spotlight shines on Outstanding New Volunteer: Rich Bradley

Rich B

Meet Rich! RASKC is honored to name Rich Bradley and his family as Outstanding New Volunteers. Since they began fostering in 2019, Rich, spouse Kathy, and son Beckett have contributed about 1,800 hours.

“I’m 52 years old and live near Lake Meridian in Kent,” said Rich. “I enjoy hiking and video games. Sometimes we go camping, so my son and I can cook over an open fire.”

To read more about Rich and his family, go to our blog.

Pride in Our Partners: South County Cats


RASKC commends South County Cats, an all-volunteer award-winning organization, that has facilitated over 18,000 spay/neuter surgeries since 2006. South County Cats (SCC) is bursting with joy for achieving its longtime goal of opening a low-cost spay/neuter clinic in south King County.  SCC also provides trap-neuter-return (TNR) services, fostering opportunities, and adoptions in south King County and surrounding communities.

Led by founder and volunteer director Sally Halela, South County Cats was featured recently in Pet Connections Magazine.  Sally has been honored by the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association, recognized by the National Points of Light Foundation, and she received the Washington State Governor’s Volunteer Service Award in 2018 in the animal-welfare category. The Auburn Valley Humane Society presented its Wet Nose Award to SCC in 2018.

RASKC spoke recently with Sally. To read the interview, go to our blog.

What’s happening @ RASKC

RASKC honored our animal-care staff last week


RASKC is incredibly proud of our Animal Care Technicians and Animal Control Officers. This video highlights several of the adoptable animals that our staff cared for this year. If these animals could talk, we think that they would testify to the skilled and compassionate work that our staff does every day.

Several RASKC volunteers express admiration and gratitude for these hard-working employees. “A number of RASKC staff are the best- always helpful, friendly, and quick with a friendly word,” said Kelly Blaylock.

“I've been a volunteer at this shelter since my daughter was 11, and she is now 39,” said Jayne Roddy. “She wanted to foster puppies, which we did. Then we continued with cats, kittens, and occasional pups. Every employee at the shelter I encountered while a volunteer- which included offsite adoptions and dog walking- was very helpful, kind, and very dedicated to the homeless animals. I can't wait to get back into the action volunteering among these wonderful caring employees.” 

“I have had so many positive interactions with the staff at RASKC and appreciate you all so much,” said Cheri Tjoelker. “From witnessing how staff took the time caring for animals who had a hard time adjusting to the shelter life, to learning from staff how to play and interact with some of the more behavioral challenged dogs, and finally staff that never hesitated to lend a helping hand in getting a challenging dog in and out of the kennel in the morning. Thank you for all you do!”

“Having been a volunteer for just 14 years now, I've had an opportunity to work with so many of the officers and staff in many different capacities,” said Lori Middleton. “I LOVE you ALL. It has been a pleasure and learning experience with each and every one of you. You've all had a part in making me the best volunteer I can be, proving that one CAN teach an old dog new tricks. I'm proud to spread the word about how great RASKC is,and you're why I can do that! Congratulations on your special week.You deserve it, paws down!”

““As a cat meet & greet volunteer, I was at first intimidated by the bunnies- even though they were super cute,” said Holly Hoekman. “One of the ACTs gave me his knowledge, experience, and confidence to give those cuties the proper attention and care. That ACT has a heart of gold!"

“I would like to say that all the employees that I was around while volunteering were always willing to help at anytime and were always cheerful and appreciative of me as a volunteer and would always thank me for volunteering,” said Joyce Grajczyk. “This made it a pleasure to want to come in and volunteer.”

“It was always a treat to work with a number of the RASKC staff,” said Pam Morgan. “Some of the ACTs would give the best smiles and sing while they work. They’re so responsive, approachable, and great about offering helpful tips.”

“A couple of the staff have been a tremendous help to me, which was especially helpful to me when I was new,” said Ralph Accisano. “They would address any questions or concerns I had or put me in touch with whoever they could. One of the staff was really good about taking the time to chat with me and offer advice about the care of my own cat. These staff went above and beyond. They embodied the spirit of why we do what we do for our animals. Thank you for going the extra mile!”

Thanks to all animal-welfare workers for the work you do. We hope you “feel the love” all year and especially during Animal Care and Control Appreciation week.


RASKC launches “License to Love” campaign


RASKC loves to offer pet licensing with many benefits, like special help if your pet goes missing while you’re on vacation.

For a limited time, RASKC is waiving all fees for expired pet licenses in our geographic areas to ensure cats and dogs receive important protections. If you or someone you know has fallen behind or have forgotten to renew their pet's license, this is a great time to “license for love.” This offer expires June 30.

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