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April 5, 2021

Photo by Viki Mohamad on Unsplash

Photo by Viki Mohamad on Unsplash

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Unfortunately, as Dr. Jeff Duchin (Health Officer of Public Health – Seattle & King County) and other public health experts have been warning, positive COVID cases and hospitalizations are climbing again.  The surge in cases seems to be driven both by the new, more transmissible variants, as well as by a loosening of restrictions, public fatigue with ongoing precautions, and spreading among younger populations.

We are so close to beating this pandemic.  Letting our guard down at this point in time is like walking off the baseball field in the ninth inning, or dropping out of college the week before graduation.  We are engaged in a race right now, between how quickly the variants can infect new hosts versus how many people we can get fully vaccinated to keep from getting infected.  There’s only one way to win this race, and that is by continuing the same precautions we’ve been living under for months, both for those who have been vaccinated and those still waiting.  See these articles for more on this potential fourth wave:

- King County public health official: Surge in COVID cases could lead to reopening rollbackThe Seattle Times

- Epidemiologists explain what might be behind a potential fourth surge of COVID-19NPR

- Variants vs. vaccinations: What the dueling trends mean for COVID in the USThe Guardian

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All the best and I hope you are staying safe.