The RASKCAL Reporter| Issue # 47| January 2021

The RASKCAL Reporter

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Celebrating our county’s namesake


King County celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's legacy on Thursday, January 14. In keeping with Public Health guidance and safety, this year's event was held virtually.

The theme and accompanying quote for the 2021 Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration was: Creating the Beloved Community, and "A democracy cannot thrive where power remains unchecked and justice is reserved for a select few. Ignoring these cries and failing to respond to this movement is simply not an option — for peace cannot exist where justice is not served." - US Congressman John Lewis

The 2021 Celebration keynote was delivered by Dr. Ben Danielson, an advocate for the health and well-being of children and families with low incomes. He is a clinical professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington. For 20 years, he served as the medical director of Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic, based out of Seattle’s Central District, a historically Black neighborhood.

Click here to watch the recording of the event.

RASKC honors Volunteer of the Month: Deanna Isenberg


Meet Deanna! RASKC is extremely happy to honor Deanna Isenberg as Volunteer of the Month. In 2019 she contributed the sixth-highest number of hours as a foster volunteer- over 2,100 hours! And in the previous year, Deanna contributed more than 1,600 foster hours. Since she began fostering with RASKC in 2017, Deanna has given over 5,250 foster hours: Fantastic! RASKC also really appreciates that she participated in the 12 Ways of Volunteering video. She lives in Auburn.

To read an interview with Deanna, click here.

Limelight shines on Exceptional Youth Volunteer: Nichole Clancy


Meet Nichole! RASKC is super pleased to honor Nichole Clancy with Exceptional Youth recognition. She is a sophomore Zoology major at Colorado State University, who aspires to become a veterinarian. She also served on RASKC’s Early Morning Cat Crew in 2019 and has been fostering since that time. So far Nichole has contributed almost 530 hours to RASKC. Her home is in Covington.

In 2019 and last summer Nichole fostered kittens. “My foster animals acted as my stand-in emotional support animals. I realized that when I had a furry companion with me, I felt happier and more motivated.”

“Now that I am in Fort Collins, Colorado without any RASKC foster pets, my mom is going to start fostering on her own.”

Hurray for Nichole and her mom!

An expanded version of this posting is available on RASKC’s blog.

Spotlight shines on Outstanding New Volunteer: Lynn Ingalls


Meet Lynn! RASKC is honored to bestow Outstanding New Volunteer recognition to Lynn Ingalls. Since she began fostering for RASKC in 2019, she has contributed almost 2,600 hours! She lives in Kent.

Lynn wrote, “In 2019 I was approved for disability and honestly felt useless. That's when I met another foster parent for RASKC- Becky Rubeck, who really encouraged me. I had no idea that fostering was a thing. I immediately signed up. I have been fostering since. It has given me a sense of purpose. I am blessed to work with such amazing, supportive people at RASKC, especially Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason.”

RASKC is blessed that Lynn chooses to care for our animals.

A slightly expanded version of this posting is available on RASKC’s blog.

RASKC honored many fabulous volunteers in 2020

VoM in review

RASKC heartily commends the service contributed by volunteers last year, especially the Volunteers of the Month, Exceptional Youth, and Outstanding New Volunteers.

Here is a review of the Volunteers of the Month in 2020:

January: Karen Pilarc
February: Tessa Higgins  
March: Pamela Staeheli  
April: Susan Coffman  
May: Joyce Grajczyk  
June: Jeannie Dykstra  
July: Liza Tewell & Clara Koch
August: Marc Whitely  
September: Laura Weaks
October: Anne Watanabe  
November: Pei, Ava & Ella Yuen
December: Karen Tyler & Jonah Wilson

RASKC is looking forward to honoring many more volunteers this year!