Rough start to the new year, FBI warning, speeding up vaccine delivery, mask-wearing critical, PPP loan webinar and much more

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January 11, 2021


Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We’re 11 days into the new year.  Although many of us were overjoyed to say goodbye to 2020, 2021 has already brought its own challenges: a disappointingly slow rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines, the increasing spread of a more transmissible variant, and last week, the storming of the U.S. Capitol by an angry mob determined to overturn an election.  And now, the FBI is warning of the possibility of more violence against legislatures in the state capitols as well as in the nation’s Capitol (see below for more on this).

However, I firmly believe in the need to stay positive and to focus on actions we can take.  In that vein, it’s helpful to look back at 2020 and at how much we were able to get done in unprecedented circumstances.  The County and local governments across the country – along with community groups and residents – rallied and found ways to care for many of our most vulnerable citizens.  You may want to review some highlights from 2020 in my year-end newsletter here that many of you residing in District Four should be receiving in the mail about now.        

Keep the faith!  Having come this far, and having witnessed first-hand the resourcefulness and determination of my colleagues, constituents, organizations and businesses, I believe we will once again rise to these challenges.

As always, I would like to hear from you. You can call me at 206-477-1004 or you can reach me by email at 

All the best and I hope you are staying safe.