The RASKCAL Reporter| Issue # 46| December 2020

The RASKCAL Reporter

In this Issue:                                                                                            December 2020

RASKC honors Volunteers of the Month: Karen T. & Jonah W.


Meet Karen & Jonah! RASKC is profoundly pleased to honor Karen Tyler and her adult son Jonah Wilson as Volunteers of the Month.

Last year their household contributed the most number of foster hours of any RASKC volunteer household- over 3,600 hours in 2019: Absolutely amazing! When we add their foster hours through last month, Karen and Jonah’s overall contribution adds up to nearly 9,000 foster hours just since 2018!!! Additionally Karen spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars last year toward making and contributing three sets of the most incredible Thanksgiving stuffies to RASKC. Each set was comprised of finely crafted fabric turkeys and pumpkins, an actual mini-bale of hay, plus a super clever written narrative.

To read an interview with Karen and Jonah, go to our website or blog.

Limelight shines on Exceptional Youth: Jaia Pradia


Meet Jaia! RASKC is enormously happy to honor Jaia Pradia with Exceptional Youth recognition. She is 18 years old, studies zoology in college, and aspires to be like Steve Irwin- who was an activist for animals and the environment. Jaia dreams of owning her own sanctuary to help nurse animals back to health.

Jaia has been fostering a variety of RASKC pets since 2019. So far, she has contributed more than 1,325 hours: Fantastic dedication!

Jaia wrote, “With fostering I like being able to see their personalities blossom. Each animal definitely has their own persona. For example, fostering my first bunny was such a joy. I also volunteer for a horse rescue. I love animals of all sizes."

She added, "I have a Yorkie, named Cloe. When people say owners and their pets look and act like them, it is completely true. We both love to take naps by the fireplace or somewhere warm. Cloe likes to sunbathe when the sun is out as well. She loves to eat just like me. Cloe is my mini me.

"I’m so proud to be a mixed African American who has a passion for all animals. I never grew up seeing a lot of representation of people like me, but I now know they are out there. It was hard going through life not seeing anyone who looked like me with the same passion.

"Being around animals is truly my happy place. In additional to animals, I love the arts. I played the violin since fifth grade, and I’ve been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil!”

Thank you for providing such a happy place for so many RASKC animals, Jaia!

Spotlight shines on Outstanding New Volunteers: Anderson family


Meet Diane & James! RASKC is absolutely delighted to honor Diane Anderson and her adult son James as Outstanding New Volunteers. They started last year with fostering and providing animal transport. Additionally, in pre-COVID times, James worked a weekly shift as a Shelter Helper. Diane had just completed training as a Cat Meet & Greet volunteer on the eve of the pandemic. So far, Diane and James together have contributed over 1,700 hours to RASKC.

Diane wrote, “We do the best we can to give these kittens and puppies the best start with lots of love and then send them on to their forever homes. I love it. It’s so rewarding."

She added, "Our sweet orange tabby Loki thinks he’s the foster kittens’ parent when they come to stay with us. He will take care of grooming them and playing with them. They usually end up curled up sleeping right next to him.

"I have a very close-knit family with my son, parents, and siblings. And faith in God is a very important part of my life.

"We recently bought a house on the eastside in Tacoma. I have been able to catch several stray cats in the neighborhood, get them fixed, and released back. My neighbor and I take turns buying the food to feed the cats, so they are well taken care of. This has been very therapeutic since COVID has been here and has limited our volunteering at the shelter. I look forward to when my son and I can volunteer in person at the shelter again.”

RASKC looks forward to when Diane, James, and other volunteers return to scheduled shifts too : )