The RASKCAL Reporter| Issue # 45| November 2020

The RASKCAL Reporter

In this Issue:                                                                                            November 2020

RASKC honors Volunteers of the Month: Yuen family


Meet Pei, Ella, & Ava! RASKC is extremely honored to recognize Pei Yuen and her daughters Ella and Ava as RASKC Volunteers of the Month.

They have been providing exemplary service to RASKC since 2016. Aside from COVID restrictions, the Yuen family is extraordinarily reliable for volunteering on their closing shift on Mondays at Kirkland Petco, which is an especially important shift. Not only do they assist customers who are interested in the cats, help facilitate adoptions, they also conscientiously perform a great many detailed tasks to ensure that all of the animals, supplies, and equipment are taken care of. Their outstanding work helps to ensure the opening shift on Tuesday mornings starts off super smoothly. Together the Yuen family has contributed almost 1,000 hours to RASKC: Fantastic! 

Thank you so very, very, very much, Pei, Ella, and Ava : )

To read an interview with Pei Yuen, go to our website or blog.  

RASKC selects Volunteers of the Month based on one or more of the following criteria: frequency of service, length of service, outstanding service, record of very reliable service, leadership role or other role that involves complex and/or arduous work, performs other admirable volunteer service in the community, identifies as a member of a priority population, and/or helps RASKC in other valuable ways (e.g., helps to recruit new volunteers).

Limelight shines on Exceptional Youth Marcola Ryan


Meet Marcola! RASKC is super happy to bestow Marcola Ryan with our Exceptional Youth recognition. She is in her mid-20s and has contributed over 2,600 foster hours since 2017.

“Because of my experiences fostering with RASKC, I was able to muster up enough confidence and will to adopt by own fur baby,” said Marcola. “My seven year-old son and I have an 11 month-old Shepsky pup.”

“When we get the chance, my family and I love to adventure- BIG on the PNW behavior. We live by this motto: Progress, not perfection.”

Marcola is a bilingual early-childhood teacher. She started working and volunteering when she was 12 years old.

Thank you, Marcola, for all that you do to make the world a better place for children and animals!

Spotlight shines on Outstanding New Volunteer Wanda Kai


Meet Wanda! RASKC is absolutely delighted to recognize Wanda Kai as an Outstanding New Volunteer. When she began volunteering last year, Wanda did so with great zeal and vibrant spirit. Before the pandemic struck, Wanda contributed three shifts each week- two shifts as a Dog Walker and one shift as a Cat Meet & Greet volunteer.

“Volunteering at RASKC has been wonderful,” said Wanda. “I enjoy seeing the animals when I come in and love not seeing them when I come back in. I always tell them I love them and hope I never see them again. Every shift is different, the animals, the people, and situations. My best times are when people who have lost their furry babies find them in our care; their joy makes my heart smile.”

“I came on as a volunteer, because I needed community service due to  a traffic ticket. The court said I could volunteer or pay a fine, so I agreed to volunteer. Best choice ever.”

Wanda has enjoyed a variety of animal companions throughout her life, including a desert tortoise. She grew up in a small city in southern California. “The town was 80% oil fields, so there were a lot of places to run and play,” said Wanda. “The San Gabriel river was a block from my house, which is where the desert tortoise was found.”

“I have lived up and down the Pacific Coast my whole life. Now I am in the Pacific Northwest and have two dogs. Samurai is a five year-old Yorkshire Terrier, the house guardian. Moonie, a Shih Tzu, is my 18 month-old rescue dog from RASKC. I take him with me everywhere and let the kids and grownups pet him. While they are petting him, I talk about his being a rescue dog and how awesome it is to have a place like RASKC where you can go to see lots of dogs and cats that need a forever home.”

Thank you so very much, Wanda!