The RASKCAL Reporter| Issue # 40 | June 2020

The RASKCAL Reporter

In this Issue:                                                                                                      June 2020

King County declares racism as a public-health crisis


King County Executive Dow Constantine, along with Public Health- Seattle & King County Director Patty Hayes, recently declared racism as a public-health crisis. They said, "King County government and Public Health – Seattle & King County are committed to working in stronger and better resourced partnerships with community organizations and leaders to disrupt and dismantle racism and protect the health and well-being of Black, Indigenous People and People of Color. We recognize that historically and currently King County has been complicit in maintaining and perpetuating structural racism, and that as an institution we must be a vital player in dismantling oppressive systems that are grounded in white supremacy."

RASKC honors the Volunteer of the Month: Jeannie Dykstra


Meet Jeannie! RASKC is extremely pleased to honor Jeannie Dykstra as Volunteer of the Month. In only two years she has contributed nearly 2,600 hours- as a foster volunteer extraordinaire and also, in normal times, by contributing weekly shifts in RASKC’s Vet Clinic and on RASKC’s Covington Cat-Care Team.

To read an interview with Jeannie, go to our website or blog.  

If you are interested in becoming a RASKC scheduled volunteer, please check back after the governor’s Stay Home order has been significantly modified. If you are especially interested in foster training, however, RASKC is ready to onboard you now. Click here and scroll down to the Getting Started section. Click on the plus sign, then watch training modules #1, #2, and #4 and answer the quiz questions. We look forward to working with you!

Congratulations to RASKC volunteers in the Class of 2020!


To the graduating class of 2020, especially to our RASKC community of volunteers, we celebrate this moment with you and offer heartfelt congratulations. For the rest of the month, we will be proudly featuring our future leaders who have voluntarily stepped up to help RASKC in so many ways -- from the compassion of helping pets, to providing excellent service to our community, and more...Thank you for all you do for people and pets! 

Follow us on social or visit our “Tails from RASKC” blog throughout this month to view expanded postings featuring over 20 RASKC volunteers who are graduating this year.  


Congratulations, Anya Ameling!

RASKC volunteer roles: Cat Meet & Greet volunteer from 2015- present; also RASKC’s Covington Cat-Care Team in 2014.

Graduating from: Kentridge High School (Kent).

Future plans: To complete prerequisites at Bellevue College, then transfer to Washington State University to double major in zoology and conservation biology. Goals: to work in wildlife rehabilitation or as a zoologist.


Congratulations, James Anderson!

RASKC volunteer roles:  Shelter Helper, animal transport, and fostering animals with his family since 2019.

Graduating from: Washington Connections Academy (online).

Future plans: To become a veterinarian assistant.


Congratulations, Paloma Ayala-Abellar!

RASKC volunteer role: Kirkland Cat-Care Team from 2018- 2019.

Graduating from: The Beacon School (New York City).

Future plans: To study political science at Scripps College in California.


Congratulations, Taijah Boldien!

RASKC volunteer roles: Made cat blankets, worked on special projects, and assisted foster volunteer and Camp Fire leader Amy Sylvester.

Graduating from: Mount Rainier High School (Des Moines). 

Future plans: To attend Pima Medical Institute to become a medical assistant!


Congratulations, Nyta Brace!

RASKC volunteer role: Fostering kittens, dogs, and bunnies with her family since 2016.

Graduating from: Issaquah High School.  

Future plans: To study fashion design at the Pratt Institute in New York City.


Congratulations, Alexandra Clark!

RASKC volunteer roles: Shelter Helper since 2017; also a "red" Dog Walker since 2018.

Graduating fromEdmonds College with a nursing degree.

Future plans: To work as a nurse.


Congratulations, Angie Contreras!

RASKC volunteer role: Early Morning Cat Crew in 2019.  

Graduating from: Kentridge High School (Kent) and Green River College with an associate degree through the Running Start program.

Future plans:  To study sociology at Seattle Pacific University.


Congratulations, Olivia Cowley!

RASKC volunteer role: Cat Meet & Greet since 2018; awarded RASKC Exceptional Youth recognition.

Graduating from: Kentridge High School (Kent) and Green River College with an associate degree through the Running Start program.

Future plans: To study environmental studies and to play on the women’s soccer team at Lewis & Clark College in Oregon.


Congratulations, Denise Earnhardt!

RASKC volunteer role: Recently began fostering kittens.

Graduating from: Highline College with a degree in interior design.

Future plans: To make spaces functional yet beautiful either as a freelancer or as a professional’s sidekick. I aim for a flexible schedule to stay available for my three children.


Congratulations, Sophia Frank!

RASKC volunteer role: Fostering dogs with her family during the COVID pandemic. 

Graduating from: Lakeside High School (Seattle).

Future plans: To study at Wellesley College in Boston.


Congratulations, Karina Galvan!

RASKC volunteer role: Shelter Helper since 2016.

Graduating from: Renton High School.

Future plans: To study media and communications at Seattle University.


Congratulations, Cynthia Jaeger!

RASKC volunteer roles: Early Morning Cat Crew (EMCC), Cat Area Stray Team (CAST), and foster volunteer since 2019; makes cat beds; the new scheduler for EMCC and CAST.

Graduating from: Western Governors University- Washington with a Bachelor of Science in accounting.

Future plans: To help small businesses and non-profits with their accounting needs.


Congratulations, Monica Lara!

RASKC volunteer role: Tukwila Petco Cat-Care Team since 2018.

Graduating from: Auburn Mountainview High School.

Future plans: To study fine arts and computer science at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma.


Congratulations, Nadya Miller!

RASKC volunteer roles: Covington Cat-Care Team since 2017; Early Morning Cat Crew and Shelter Helper in 2018.

Graduating from: Tahoma High School (Maple Valley).

Future plans: To pursue education in a medical field while serving in the National Guard or Americorps.


Congratulations, Audrey Ozolitis!

RASKC volunteer role: Shelter Helper since 2018.

Graduating from: New Start High School (Burien).

Future plans: To assist with my mom’s second-grade class, maybe sell my art, and to continue volunteering.


Congratulations, Jaia Pradia!

RASKC volunteer role: Fostering animals with her family since 2019.

Graduating from Auburn High School.

Future plans: To study zoology in college, because conservation is important to me. Activism in human relations will be talking a role in my future as well. 


Congratulations, Isaac Radak!

RASKC volunteer roles: Cat Meet & Greet Team since 2017; fostering animals with his family since 2018; and Early Morning Cat Crew since 2019.

Graduating from: High school through home schooling.   

Future plans: To continue attending Green River College and to leverage interests in Japanese and programming.


Congratulations, Evan Raught!

RASKC volunteer role: Fostering cats and kittens with his family since 2006!

Graduating from: Mount Rainier High School (Des Moines).

Future plans: To find a job, save money, then move to South Dakota for a gap year. Then attend college with the goal of becoming a psychologist.


Congratulations, Emeline Sears!

RASKC volunteer role: Kirkland Cat-Care Team since 2014!; awarded RASKC’s Exceptional Youth recognition.

Graduating from: Juanita High School (Kirkland).

Future plans: To attend Lewis & Clark College in Oregon and to continue with my art work.


Congratulations, Jillian Smith!

RASKC volunteer role: Fostering animals with her family since 2005!

Graduating from: Kentwood High School (Kent).

Future plans: To major in accounting at the University of Portland in Oregon.


Congratulations, Isabella Weaver!

RASKC volunteer role: Reber Ranch Cat-Care Team since 2018.

Graduating from Kentlake High School (Kent).

Future plans: To study at Green River College.

What’s happening @ RASKC

RASKC lands two more grants- for mobile pet-food bank & foster program


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) recently awarded a $50,000 grant to RASKC in support of our work with several other local organizations on the mobile pet-food bank.

RASKC Lead Sergeant Tim Anderson wrote the ASPCA grant and another successful $50,000 grant from PetSmart Charities earlier this year in support of this project.

Interim Animal Services Coordinator Emily Ruppert recently wrote a successful Pet Foster Care Stimulus grant from Maddie’s Fund for $5,000. This support is intended to help with our foster program. #ThanksToMaddie.

Emily has also been coordinating the “on the ground” work for the mobile pet-food bank. Emily said, “A shout out goes out to Animal Control Officer Marcy Goldstone and RASKC Administrator for Communications and Community Engagement Lluvia Ellison-Morales for driving support of planning and communications. I’ve had the pleasure to work on this project and from a close-up view, have been able to witness how this collaborative effort sheds some light during these unprecedented times.”

Last month the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association featured an article on the joint pet-food bank, including RASKC’s leadership, on its website and blog. And an article on the Washington Ag Network’s website referenced the joint pet-food bank’s collaboration with the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

For more information on the regional mobile pet-food bank, click here. The next joint food-bank distribution will take place on Tuesday afternoon, June 30, in the Rainier Beach neighborhood in southeast Seattle. For more information, click here.


Hurray for dads who volunteer on shifts with their kiddos


For Father’s Day this year, RASKC would like to “shout out” with gratitude to the dads who, during normal times, volunteer on scheduled RASKC shifts with one or more of their children.

Lion-sized kudos go to Daryl Downing, Mitch Moznette, and William Quan. They have or had been volunteering on regular shifts with their kiddos at Kirkland Petco since 2014, 2015, and 2016 respectively!

This august papa list includes: Ken Anderson (Tukwila Petco Cat-Care Team since 2019), Todd Cline (Tukwila Petco Cat-Care Team since 2019), Richard Cicale (Cat Meet & Greet- 2019), Daryl Downing (Kirkland Cat-Care Team since 2014!), Emanuel Juarez (Early Morning Cat Crew since 2019), John Lu (Kirkland Cat-Care Team since 2019), Andrey Marochko (Kirkland Cat-Care Team since 2018), Chris Miesen (Covington Petco Cat-Care Team- 2019), Mitch Moznette (Kirkland Cat-Care Team since 2015!), William Quan (Kirkland Pet-Care Team from 2016- 2019), Paviter Singh (Reber Ranch Cat-Care Team since 2019), Paul Thacker (Tukwila Petco & Kirkland Cat-Care Teams since 2019), Robert Verme (Kirkland Cat-Care Team since 2019), and Raymond Wang (Kirkland Cat-Care Team since 2019).

You guys are terrific : )

RASKC would also like to shower appreciation on all of the dads who provide care to RASKC’s foster animals. You guys rock too!


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