Transit Alert - Transit service will be rerouted off portions of 23rd Av S and S Jackson St during a civic event on 6/12

On Friday, June 12, from 1:00 PM until 8:00 PM, Metro routes 14 and 48 will be affected by street closures during a civic event.

During this event, these routes will travel instead via alternate nearby streets, depending on the route, destination and direction of travel.

Transit service during civic events
In areas where there are crowds, traffic or civic events disrupting normal travel patterns or activities, transit riders are advised to be aware of conditions in their immediate vicinity – such as street closures, detours, police directions, etc. – and  be prepared for delays or to make revisions to travel plans – such as using a different bus stop or a different route – based on specific circumstances. 

Depending on the time and the nature of such events, Metro may not be able to provide real time information or service updates via email or text.  Event start and end times and other details may be subject to change.

Visit Metro’s Service Advisories page for information about revised bus service, routing and stops for planned construction or events.  Transit reroute start and end times may be subject to change.

Visit Metro’s online regional Puget Sound Trip Planner to plan your travel, and for bus stop, schedule and other information, including predicted times at stops.

Metro has implemented coach capacity guidelines that could result in longer waits for some riders.  Be sure to allow plenty of time for your trip.

In accordance with King County public health directives and guidelines and for the safety of all transit riders and employees:

  • Please wear a mask or face covering. Cover coughs and sneezes. 
  • Maintain 6 feet of distance from others in all public spaces, including while onboard transit vehicles and art transit stops and stations.
  • Board and exit buses through the back door if possible. 
  • Observe and abide by signs and decals.

Thank you for following health and safety guidelines.