The RASKCAL Reporter| Issue # 35| January 2020

The RASKCAL Reporter

In this Issue:                                                                                            January 2020

RASKC recognizes Volunteer of the Month: Karen Pilarc


Meet Karen! RASKC is very happy to honor Karen Pilarc, one of RASKC’s longest-serving foster volunteers. Karen has contributed, on average, over 450 foster hours virtually each year since 2010, in addition the foster hours she contributed in previous years. “Karen is just amazing,” says RASKC Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason. “For many years she has been traveling all the way from Auburn to help our cats.” Karen is very generous with her time, super skilled, and really nice too.

To read an interview with Karen, go to our website or blog.    

If you are interested in becoming a RASKC volunteer, please register for new volunteer orientation in Kent here.  

Spotlight on Exceptional Youth Volunteer: Tam Ta


Meet Tam! Tam is a first-year student at the University of Washington (Seattle), studying Environmental Science and Resource Management with a focus on wildlife conservation. Last year Tam was one of the volunteers who contributed the most time on RASKC’s Early Morning Cat Crew.

Tam’s love for animals started in Vietnam, where she grew up. Her family had five ridgeback dogs there. Tam said that ridgebacks are very common in her native country. She and her family moved to Puget Sound in 2011.

She mentioned that her family background helps a lot in her ability to speak three languages- Chinese, Vietnamese, and English. Tam said that both of her parents are Chinese, who moved to Vietnam during the civil war in China. Then on to the United States.

In her free time, Tam enjoys hiking, gardening, spending lots of time on her computer, and volunteering at RASKC. Thank you, Tam!

Honor roll: Volunteers donated 141,180 hours last year!

super power

About 836 people contributed a total of more than 141,180 hours last year. RASKC is tremendously grateful for this service.

Special hurray to the volunteers who contributed the most hours in 2019. The volunteer in multiple roles who donated the most time was Pat Davis (3,091 hours). She donated more hours than what many full-staff worked last year. Pat fosters, works in the office, grooms cats, does Cat Meet & Greet, helps instruct new Shelter Helpers, and more. Thank you, Pat!  

Here’s a listing of the top contributors for 19 of our teams for last year. Many of the listed volunteers gave time in multiple roles, so their overall 2019 contributions may not be listed here:

Fosters (244 foster households): Karen Tyler/ Jonah Wilson (3,636 hours), Laura Weeks (2,639 hours), Linda Bowen (2,631 hours), Pat Davis (2,425 hours), Becky Rubeck (2,263 hours), and Deanna Isenberg (2,121 hours). For a listing of other fosters who donated about 1,000 or more foster hours, go here. Altogether volunteers contributed at least 110,802 foster hours last year.

Kirkland Pet-Care Team (150 volunteers): Lucy Camelia (706 hours), Teresa Rosenberg, Ellie Wightman, Mary DeCoy, Jennifer Hunt, Amy Iracheta, Lisa Anderson, Emily Deem, Sarah Hanssen, and Ana Laura Torres Zamora. Kirkland volunteers contributed at least 6,095 hours last year.

Dog Walking & related (145 volunteers): Cheri Tjoelker (271 hours), Olga Shores, Tessa Higgins, Jennifer Jewell, Megan Wood, Richard Pinches, and Wanda Kai. Dog Walkers contributed at least 5,542 hours last year.

Cat Meet & Greet (106 volunteers): David Howerton (265 hours), Brandon Groscost, Lynne Adams, Karolyn Grimes, Donna Tredway, Pam Gibbons, Mari Cormier, Pat Davis, Victoria Andrews, Leah Thomasson, Susan Coffman, Vyrna Layton, and Joyce Grajczyk. M&G volunteers contributed at least 5,019 hours last year.

Shelter Helpers (101 volunteers): Joyce Grajczyk (234 hours), Don Race, Ginny Rabago, Susan Preusse, Kelly Blaylock, and Dezoun Smith. Shelter Helpers contributed at least 2,229 hours last year.

Early Morning Cat Crew  and Cat Grooming Team (100 volunteers): Pam Morgan (201 hours), Sharon Van Hout, Tam Ta, Leisa Murray, Kirk Goldsworthy, and Shawn Lee. EMCC and Cat Grooming volunteers contributed at least 3,358 hours last year.

Covington Petco Cat-Care Team (53 volunteers): Jini Allen (177 hours), Dayle Pieper,  Tiffany Morin, and Denise Kovecs. Covington Cat-Care Team volunteers contributed at least 843 hours least year.

Tukwila Petco Cat-Care Team (46 volunteers): Carrie Driscoll (121 hours), Anne Watanabe, Jayne Roddy, Sopha Vongpanya, and Cynthia Maeda. Tukwila Petco Cat-Care volunteers contributed at least 497 hours last year.

Making Cat Blankets, Toys, and Animal Puppets (38 volunteers): Monika Delle (270 hours), Pat Davis, and Vyrna Layton. Volunteers contributed at leat 1,059 in these activities last year. Community Events volunteers contributed at least 241 hours last year.

Community Events Volunteers (38 volunteers): Sarah Stolberg (29 hours), Leah Thomason, Pat Davis, Vyrna Layton, and Leslie Wenderoff. Community Events volunteers, including work at cat off-site adoption events, contributed at least 240 hours last year.

Reber Ranch (35 volunteers): Lori Middleton (197 hours), Danielle Martin, Divinity Oliver, and Shawn Lee. Reber Ranch Cat-Care volunteers contributed at least 738 hours last year.

Social Media/ Pet Publicist Team (18 volunteers): Jennie Larson (357 hours), Tiffany Morin (356 hours), Cynthia Kelly, Dawn Gerken, and Roxie Michel. Social-media related volunteers, including Pet of the Week, contributed at least 898 hours last year.

Vet Clinic Volunteers (16 volunteers): Dalen Elenzano (142 hours), Leslie McKay, Tiffany Morin, and Kirsti Weaver. Vet Clinic volunteers contributed at least 1,036 hours last year.

Barn Cats R Us & Cat Area Stray Teams (16 volunteers): Ruth Schaefer (360 hours), Alan Gurevich, David Howerton, and Barbara Gramann. Barn Cat & CAST volunteers contributed at least 896 hours last year.

Dog Enrichment (16 volunteers): Zoie Isenthour (55 hours), Tina Barry, Jeanne Bloedel, and Melodi Keyes. Dog Enrichment volunteers contributed 249 hours last year.

Office Volunteers & Special Projects:

According to the The NonProfit Times, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports volunteers in the United States average about 52 hours each year. Hats off to RASKC’s exceptional volunteers. We dearly appreciate every one of you, regardless of the number of hours given. Thank you!