The RASKCAL Reporter | Issue 32| October 2019


In this Issue:                                                                                            October 2019

RASKC recognizes Volunteers of the Month: The Webb family


Meet the Webb family! With tremendous joy RASKC honors the Webb family- parents Darcy and Scott with son Spencer. They are among RASKC’s longest serving and most delightful volunteers. The Webb family has been fostering RASKC cats every year for at least 11 consecutive years.  They also had volunteered on weekly shifts for several years when we maintained a cat-adoption program at Federal Way PetSmart. We are so glad that the Webb family is an integral part of RASKC’s feline pride.

Foster Care Coordinator Lori Mason wrote, “One of the cats- a brown tabby- that the Webb family adopted from us a while ago actually gets to go to work with Scott. Scott does deliveries, and this lucky kitten goes with him riding in the front seat!”

To read an interview with the Webb family, go to our website or blog.   

If you are interested in becoming a RASKC volunteer, go here to register for new volunteer orientation.

Spotlight shines on Exceptional Youth Mariia Reznichenko


Meet Mariia! RASKC is extremely happy to shine the spotlight on exceptional youth Mariia Reznichenko.  A 21 year-old international student who majors in business at Green River College, Mariia has proven to be an outstanding volunteer in two roles. Mariia arrives at RASKC at 8am twice a week- one morning to walk dogs and the other morning to serve on the Early Morning Cat Crew. She consistently brings a “can do” attitude, enthusiasm, and an upbeat, friendly spirit.

Maria has ascended to the top “red” rating as a Dog Walker, which means she is eligible to walk all dogs in adoptions, even the most challenging ones.

She has also helped with a RASKC holiday gift-wrapping fundraiser, and she sometimes assists with new volunteer orientation. Since Mariia began less than a year ago, she has contributed over 160 hours so far.

Originally from a small city in southern Ukraine, Mariia is fluent in three languages. She enjoys hiking, reading, and traveling. Mariia has won awards for dancing and making crafts- origami, knitting, and paper sculptures. She aspires to a four-year college degree, then launching a marketing business in Ukraine and in the Puget Sound area.  

Mariia loves animals and wants to help them feel needed and loved. She said, “I can’t imagine my life without animals. When I moved here, I wanted to do something useful with my free time. When I look into the eyes of the dogs I’m walking or in the eyes of the cats whose condo I am cleaning, I feel like I’m doing something important.” So true!

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