My Homeward Bound proposal debuts in committee

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Your Update on What's Happening at the King County Council  

Dunn Homeward Bound Proposal Discussed in Committee

Dunn gives an overview of his Homeward Bound policy at the Regional Policy Committee

Dunn speaks at Wednesday's meeting of the Regional Policy Committee

Last Wednesday, the Regional Policy Committee—which includes both King County Councilmembers plus Councilmembers from cities within the County—discussed my proposal to provide bus tickets to homeless persons who want to reunite with their families.

Homelessness begins with broken relationships. Every homeless person on our streets once had a home and a family somewhere. That’s why I am particularly excited about the potential of my Homeward Bound program. It’s a simple, fast, and cost-effective service that has already had a high rate of success in many cities and counties across the country. 

I appreciate my colleagues on the Council for working with me on this idea. As my proposal moves forward, I’m hopeful that we can collaborate to develop a program that best serves our community.

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